PRIME MINISTER: Good afternoon everyone. In the past two weeks it has been a terrible ordeal for those more than 200 Australians and so many other passengers who have been on the Diamond Princess in Yokohama. The National Security Committee of Cabinet has met again today, as we did over the weekend, to consider how we might be able to best support those Australians who have been caught up in this very difficult situation.

THE HON. JASON WOOD MP, MEMBER FOR LA TROBE: Thanks very much everyone for coming out here to La Trobe and in particular to Officer today. It’s fantastic to have the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. He's been a regular visitor to La Trobe and also my good friend, Michael Sukkar, the Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Housing. Now, it's kind of ironic here in this location, Officer, because three years ago there were no houses here.

PRIME MINISTER: Well, thank you very much, Janelle. It's great to see everybody here this morning and it's great to be here at the UN Women Australia Parliamentary Breakfast in honour of International Women's Day on March 8. Can I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, the Ngunnawal people and their elders past and present and, of course, emerging. The day before Australia Day, as I mentioned yesterday, we went down to the water's edge here in Canberra and were met there by the elders and Ngunnawal women who spent time with me and my family.

Mr Speaker, for 12 years, I have sat in this chamber and listened to Closing the Gap speeches.

It’s a tale of hope, frustration and disappointment.

A tale of good intentions. Indeed good faith.

But the results are not good enough.

This is sadly still true.

A new guide for parents of under 5s from the Morrison Government’s eSafety Commissioner will help keep children safe online as more than 1,000 schools and groups around Australia mark Safer Internet Day.


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