More mental health support services will be immediately provided to firefighters, emergency personnel, individuals and communities impacted by the ongoing bushfire disaster.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said an initial $76 million would fund free counselling sessions, extra Medicare and tele-health consultations, an expansion of headspace services for young Australians, and community recovery initiatives.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning every one, just two brief issues I want to provide brief updates on today. Of course, a very quick update on what's happening with bushfires today. But I will direct people specifically to the statements being made at the state level in New South Wales and Victoria. We have severe and extreme conditions in both of those states today and we should be taking the advice and instructions from those state authorities and local authorities in relation to those matters.

HEIDI MURPHY: Good morning, Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning, Heidi.

MURPHY: I'll get to the issue of fires in a moment. I do want to start with the Iran US conflict first, though. What is your message to Australian troops? What is your feeling about our safety, the safety of any of our people in that area?

JOHN STANLEY: Good morning, Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning, John.

STANLEY: Just on the broader question, a difficult day coming up in South Australia and Kangaroo Island. You were there a few days ago. That's ablaze now and they're saying that, you know, everyone's being evacuated, put onto an oval. That's a real tragedy.

KIM LANDERS: Prime Minister, good morning.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning Kim.

LANDERS: As we've just heard, Canadian intelligence suggests an Iranian missile brought down the Ukrainian passenger jet. Does Australia have similar intelligence?

MICHAEL ROWLAND: I spoke to the Prime Minister earlier.  Prime Minister, thanks for joining us.

PRIME MINISTER: Thank you Michael.

ROWLAND: You have flagged in a teleconference with  coalition MPs today, the prospect of a royal commission into the bushfires. Will there be a royal  commission?

PRIME MINISTER: Good afternoon everyone. I’m going to start by addressing the series of issues in Iraq and then move on to some announcements in relation to the National Bushfire Recovery Agency and response initiative. First of all, let me say that early today, the National Security Committee met, yesterday afternoon when I returned to Canberra I also met with the Chief of the Defence Force and other senior defence and intelligence officials to be briefed on the situation and the events in Iraq.

PRIME MINISTER: I’m very pleased to be joined here today by my good friend Premier Marshall, ministers who are joining me, Mayor Pengilly, it’s great to have you here, Assistant Minister Ben Moreton, obviously Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister. He is assisting me, particularly as we’re working through the many issues that are relevant to the bushfire response and the recovery programme we’re already engaged in.

The Government is closely monitoring the unfolding events in Iraq.

The Prime Minister, Chief of the Defence Force and Ministers for Defence and Foreign Affairs are in frequent contact.

The Prime Minister has directed the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) to take whatever actions are necessary to protect and defend our ADF and diplomatic personnel and keep Australians safe.

The Prime Minister has contacted the Leader of the Opposition to brief him on the current situation.


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