Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP



Result of the May 2022 election

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP was sworn in as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia on 23 May 2022.

Mr Albanese was elected to Federal Parliament as the Member for Grayndler in 1996.

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Speech, Transcript
It is a true honour and pleasure to come here as Prime Minister and congratulate you on your 90th anniversary. Through nine decades, the ABC has brought us closer together as a nation. You’ve added to our identity. You’ve added to our voice.
06 Aug 2022
VIRGINIA TRIOLI, HOST: Anthony Albanese Prime Minister of Australia joins us now. Good morning, Prime Minister. PRIME MINISTER ANTHONY ALBANESE: Good morning, Virginia. Thanks for having me on the program.
05 Aug 2022
Media statement
I am pleased to announce I have recommended the Governor-General appoint Ms Meghan Quinn PSM as the new Secretary of the Department of Industry, Science and Resources. Ms Quinn has had a distinguished career in both the public and private sector.
05 Aug 2022