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"We're delivering fairness, opportunity and security for all Australians. Everything we do is designed to ensure that our children and grandchildren have even greater opportunities than their parents did, and can realise their dreams."

Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia on 15th September 2015.

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This Week

On July 2 2018 the new Child Care Subsidy will come into effect. We are delivering an additional $2.4 billion investment in childcare, and improving the system to make it easier for families and to help ease the cost of living.

Families should visit the Department of Education and Training website to update their details and make the switch to the new system before July 2 2018.

July 2018

In the News

Now today, we're going to announce a range of new measures that will drive down the cost of energy for Australian families and businesses, hundreds of dollars of savings, as I'll come to in a moment.
20 Aug 2018
Now, I want to announce a number of important measures that we’re taking today. As John McVeigh will describe in more detail, we’re going to put $75 million more into the Drought Communities Program.
20 Aug 2018
Media release
Direct assistance and concessional loans to aid drought-stricken farmers across the nation will increase to $1.8 billion.
19 Aug 2018

Under the Turnbull Government


Jobs created in Australia in the last five years
Source: ABS Labour Force data
Australians finding a better power deal on
Feb, 2018
$247.2 BILLION
Over the next decade for needs-based schools funding

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