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Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Tony Abbott MP
  • Remarks at Official Welcome to Mer Island

    It is a real honour for me to be here on your island, on Mer Island. It is an honour for me to be here on an island which now resonates right around Australia as the place where native title was first acknowledged.

    Many Indigenous Australians yearn for justice, but it was one of yours whose grave I will soon visit who first found justice at the hands of a country and a court system which had long been unsympathetic to the claims of the Indigenous people.

  • A Message from the Prime Minister

    Ever since becoming a Member of Parliament, I have tried to get out of the office so that people can tell me about their lives and about the issues they face.

    So, this week, I will be visiting Indigenous communities in the Torres Strait and on the tip of Cape York.

    Before the last election, I promised to spend a week every year absorbed in the real life of Indigenous communities because I want to see for myself the challenges facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Vietnam Veterans Day Commemoration Service 2015

    As someone who has never served in our armed forces, I stand in humble awe of all who have – particularly, the decorated veterans I see before me. 

    We gather today to remember those who served in the Vietnam War.

    This year marks a half century since the first contingent of the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment departed and today marks the 49th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.

  • Honouring the Diamonds

    On behalf of our country we congratulate the Diamonds – this is our 11th Netball World Cup win.

    I congratulate the Diamonds who were so magnificently led by Laura Geitz and Julie Corletto – who played through the game with a broken foot – an extraordinary exercise of courage, endurance, commitment, professionalism and strength.

    It's often said that women's sport doesn't get the attention that it deserves.  I have to say in the Abbott household it certainly does get plenty of attention.  My wife and daughters are netball tragics and, as is well known, I am a netball dad. 

  • The Government's plan for a strong and sustainable naval shipbuilding industry

    The Commonwealth Government is delivering a long-term plan for a strong and sustainable naval shipbuilding industry. Over the next 20 years the Government will invest over $89 billion in ships and submarines for the Navy.

    This critical investment will generate significant economic growth and sustain several thousand Australian jobs over decades. It is a key part of our commitment to a safe and secure Australia.


  • 01 September 2015 | Media release
    The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement means more jobs for Australians. Trade means jobs, and more trade means even more jobs. A fortnight ago, former NSW Premier and Foreign Minister Bob Carr came out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Last week, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke came out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Yesterday, South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill came out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. And, this afternoon, Victorian Labor Premier Dan Andrews has come out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.
  • 01 September 2015 | Transcript
    As you know, this is a Government which is focussed on jobs and growth every day, and the best way to promote jobs and growth is to get taxes down. That is why this Government is constantly on about lower, simpler, fairer taxes. This Government is constantly on about removing the bad taxes that the former Labor Government placed on our citizens. The carbon tax is gone. The mining tax is gone. Bill Shorten’s piggy bank tax is going.
  • 01 September 2015 | Media release
    The Government will not proceed with Labor’s Bank Deposit Tax. This decision adopts a key recommendation of the Financial System Inquiry and comes after extensive consultations with stakeholders and the community. Labor’s proposed Bank Deposit Tax would have imposed costs of $1.5 billion on Australians with bank savings. It would have damaged competition in the banking sector by putting regional and community banks at a disadvantage relative to the big four banks, further disadvantaging hard working Australians. 
  • 31 August 2015 | Transcript
    It’s terrific to be here for the launch of Legacy Week. Legacy does a marvellous job as we heard from the Governor-General and from that wonderful woman who spoke of her experience with Legacy. There are some 90,000 widows and children that Legacy is working with. They kept their commitment and now we have to keep our commitment to them. So, it is really good to be here. Obviously, events like this are an important part of my life, they are an important part of the life of anyone who has a senior position in our public life but this is a Government which is totally focussed on jobs and growth every day