Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Scott Morrison MP



The Hon Scott Morrison MP was sworn in as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia on 24 August 2018.

Since entering Federal politics as the Member for Cook in New South Wales, Mr Morrison has held a number of parliamentary positions.

Most recently, Mr Morrison was the Treasurer from 21 September 2015 to 24 August 2018.


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THE HON. WARREN ENTSCH MP, FEDERAL MEMBER FOR LEICHHARDT: First of all, thank you very much indeed for being here today and taking the opportunity to travel across to this beautiful spot here on Green Island.
28 Jan 2022
John Mackenzie: Now we're very fortunate because on the line, actually he is in Cairns here today, is our Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Good morning.
28 Jan 2022
Media release
The Morrison Government will invest an additional $1 billion in protecting the Great Barrier Reef, while supporting 64,000 Queenslanders and their jobs which drive the Reef economy.
28 Jan 2022