Our Government has recommended that the Governor General appoint the Honourable Justice Joseph McGrath and Lynelle Briggs AO as Royal Commissioners into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Justice McGrath and Ms Briggs bring strong investigative skills and extensive experience in corporate and public sector governance to the Royal Commission.

Our Government wants to ensure Australians have access to the level of care and support each person would expect for themselves.

BRIDGE DALEY: Good morning Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning, how are you?

ADRIAN JOHNSTON: Good morning Mr Prime Minister. AJ, Bridge and Spida.


BRIDGE DALEY: ScoMo, so you’re happy to be called ScoMo?

PRIME MINISTER: Happy to, always happy to. 

ADRIAN JOHNSTON: Spida’s got a question for you straight up.

ALAN JONES: The Prime Minister is here, Scott Morrison.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning Alan.

JONES: Now, you’re getting around, I didn’t know you were a rev-head?

PRIME MINISTER: I had great fun, Lilly and I had a great time yesterday doing the hot lap with Mark Skaife and coming down it was a bit like doing the Wild Mouse. So we had a great time and there were so many great fans there.

JONES: How old is Lilly?


ANDREW GEE, MEMBER FOR CALARE: Okay well folks, thanks for coming out today. We are absolutely delighted to have the Prime Minister here in Calare electorate along with the Minister for Sport, and many other things, Bridget McKenzie. Also, the Mayor of Blayney and also Angus and Michelle here from the CRT in Blayney.

Two major international productions will be filmed on the Gold Coast thanks to funding from the Coalition Government.

Godzilla v Kong, a feature film by Legendary Entertainment and Reef Break, a 13 episode series by Disney ABC International Television, will kick off production this year.

The $16 million in funding is provided under the Location Incentive programme, which is designed to attract international feature films to Australia.

Prime Minister Morrison said he was thrilled the first two grants were awarded to such major projects on the Gold Coast.

Photo: AAP Image/Brendan Esposito

IAN MCNAMARA: Good morning Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER: G’day Macca how are you?

MACCA: You’re at Bathurst I believe?

PRIME MINISTER: Yeah we’re just rolling up now, up towards the racetrack and there’s a lot of excitement here. It should be a great day. It’s a historic day, it’s the last runout for the Falcons.

MACCA: Yeah.

PRIME MINISTER: Out here in Bathurst, so yeah.

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister what’s your reaction to Sarah Hanson-Young receiving abusive phone calls from a New South Wales Police Officer?

PRIME MINISTER: I think it’s very concerning and that’s obviously a matter for the authorities. I trust Sarah is well and these reports are troubling. But I’ll leave that to authorities to investigate and take appropriate action as necessary.

JOURNALIST: What do you make of Bill Shorten’s [inaudible]?


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