What might seem full of light to all the rest us can be dark, it can be lonely, it can feel windswept, it can feel isolated and disconnected. And what we’re trying to do is bring light to that.

GEORGE CHRISTENSEN, MEMBER FOR DAWSON: Well it’s great to have PM here in Mackay and I’ve also got our soon to be Senator, Suzie McDonald who will be based out of North Queensland as well.

Today I met with the Member for Kennedy in Townsville and reached an agreement for his ongoing support of the Government. This agreement is set out in the attached correspondence.

The agreement will support the continued stability of the Government, and us getting on with the job. It will protect against political disruption by the Opposition. I thank the Member for Kennedy for the way he has engaged in this process, and look forward to working closely with him in the months ahead.

Well last night there was a lot of topics. There was obviously a lot of issues focused on the Defence Force community and the veteran’s community and of course I think… I mean, I’ll be over at Lavarack today. But on top of that water, a huge issue, electricity prices were also a big issue.


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