Our actions and plans to address climate change build on our strong traditions and record of achievement as Liberals and Nationals over generations to protect, preserve and value our environment.

PAUL KENNEDY: Prime Minister, thank you very much for your time.


KENNEDY: What is the difference between your Climate Solutions Fund and the Emissions Reduction Fund created by Tony Abbott?

DEBORAH KNIGHT: Scott Morrison joins us now from Melbourne, good morning to you.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning Deb.

KNIGHT: Now you’ve gone in hard over the past fortnight to try and discredit Labor on border protection. This Newspoll though shows things haven’t shifted. Why do you think your message isn’t cutting through?

DAVID KOCH: Prime Minister, good morning to you.


KOCH: Given this poll out today, are you disappointed with that, that you haven’t had a bounce in the polls? Because you made a big thing of the difference between your policy and also the Opposition’s in terms of Medivac and asylum seeker boats.

Australia will meet its international climate targets without wrecking the economy and driving power prices sky high.

The Morrison Government today announced a $3.5 billion Climate Solutions Package.

Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, said Australians recognise climate change and the importance of protecting the environment.

“We will meet our global commitments, and do what is right for our environment, without taking a wrecking ball to the economy.


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