KARL STEFANOVIC: We're now joined by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison from Sydney, PM good morning to your.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning Karl, good morning Ally.

STEFANOVIC: Before we talk about the travel ban, I just want to clarify the confusion regarding schools not closing. On one hand, you're saying don't come within one and a half meters of each other socially. But our kids are a lot closer in the classroom, aren't they? That's a mixed message, isn't it?

ALAN JONES: The Prime Minister's on the line. Prime Minister, good morning.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning Alan.

JONES: Thank you for your time. I wish people had listened to you. I do feel that this alarmism has taken root and it has overtaken the persistence with which you have said the majority, about 8 in 10. It'll be a mild illness and it will pass. And Peter Dutton is a metaphor of that?

DAVID KOCH: Prime Minister, thank you for joining us today. Look, we want to get true, true facts today. But just quickly, this. What happened with the footy over the weekend, sort of the, the change of heart so quickly, the shaking hands, not shaking hands, going to footy, not going to the footy. Is that, did that create confusion?

Today Australia stands in unity and solidarity with New Zealand on the first anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks in Christchurch. 

New Zealanders responded to hate with love in the aftermath of this terrible incident, and that powerful message endures today.

I recently spoke again with survivor Mr Farid Ahmed, who I first met at the remembrance service in the weeks after the attacks. Mr Ahmed, who tragically lost his wife in the attacks, spoke to me again of his message of peace and forgiveness.


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