ALLISON LANGDON: Good morning to you Prime Minister. 

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning Ally. 

LANGDON: Now the independent commissioner will have the powers of a rolling royal commissioner. But as we know, every day counts here. When can we be moving on this?

DAVID KOCH: Prime Minister, thanks for joining us. Royal Commissions cost a lot of money, take a fair bit of time. We've had these inquests into bushfires before. How will this be different?

PRIME MINISTER: Mr Speaker, I move that the House:

(1.) acknowledges the devastation across our nation occasioned by the bushfire season including the loss of 33 lives, the destruction of over 3,000 homes, the unimaginable loss of so much wildlife and the devastating impact on regional economies across Australia;

Good morning, everyone. There are many prayers this morning. Of course, many prayers for the victims of the bushfires and the many other challenges that are confronting our nation in the drought.

PRIME MINISTER: To the Acting Director of the Australian War Memorial, Major General Brian Dawson, to Vice Admiral David Johnston, representing the Chief of the Defence Force, the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Richard Burr.

All members of the Australian Defence Force and all the veterans who are represented here today.

To the Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese. Can I particularly acknowledge the Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt, and the Shadow Minister Linda Burney.

But to the reason for us being together today, today we are announcing an agreement that we have reached between New South Wales and the Commonwealth, which is about getting electricity prices down, getting emissions down, getting more power into the system and getting the gas to make that happen.

The Morrison and Berejiklian governments have reached a landmark agreement to lower power prices for consumers, reduce emissions and strengthen grid reliability.

Through this partnership, both governments have committed to deliver a number of initiatives that will:

  • increase gas and electricity supply in NSW by encouraging investment;
  • improve grid security by supporting transmission interconnection and network access; and
  • support emissions reduction projects that deliver genuine abatement.

The more than $2 billion deal includes:


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