The National Security Committee met again this morning, around three hours, to consider a lot of the report-backs on the matters that we considered last week and to continue on with their preparedness under the national emergency plan for the coronavirus.

LEIGH SALES: Scott Morrison joins me live now from Parliament House. Prime Minister, welcome to the program and thank you for your time.

PRIME MINISTER: Thanks, Leigh. Good to be with you.

SALES: Is the combination of coronavirus and the bushfires going to drive Australia into a recession?

OLIVER PETERSON: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, good afternoon.

PRIME MINISTER: Good afternoon, Oli. How are you?

PETERSON: I'm very well, PM. With 39 cases now confirmed in Australia of the Coronavirus, including one death here in Perth. How worried should we be about it?

TOM ELLIOTT: As promised, the Federal Government is standing by to impose all sorts of biosecurity measures in an effort to stop or curb or contain the Coronavirus. Joining us on the line now from Canberra is the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Mr Morrison, good afternoon.


ELLIOTT: I noticed this morning, I went to my local supermarket and people were staggering out with all the toilet paper they could handle. You’ve spoken to the big supermarkets. What do they say about their supply chains?

FORDHAM: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a lot on his plate at the moment. I'm very happy to say he's offered himself up for a quick chat this afternoon. He's on the line from Parliament House. Prime Minister, good afternoon.


FORDHAM: Are you worried about all those empty shelves?

PRIME MINISTER: Good afternoon, everyone. Key in the government's response to the coronavirus is being upfront with the Australian people, and again, I want to thank Dr Murphy and the Minister for Health for the regular briefings they've been providing to the Australian people, information that they can trust, information that they can rely upon. And that is something that is very much needed. There's plenty of speculation that goes out there, all sorts of stories people can look up on the internet and all the rest of it. This is my trusted source of advice.

PRIME MINISTER: Well thank you for that introduction and welcome everybody here today.

Can I particularly start by acknowledging the Ngunnawal people on whose land we meet, and we are reminded in this very special place on Ngunnawal land today and can I acknowledge elders past, present, and those importantly, who are emerging in the future and thank you very much for the acknowledgement and welcome to country today.


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