Thank you so much. Your Graces, Bishop Daniel and Paula. Reverend fathers and members of the congregation. Thank you so much for inviting Lucy and me to attend your mass this morning in this beautiful church.

We’re here together in this Coptic church, nearly 2,000 years of continuity to the time when the apostle Mark – who of course was born just to the west of Egypt in Cyrene – returned to Egypt and founded the church in Egypt, the Coptic Church.

The Turnbull Government is throwing the full might of the Australian Federal Police’s forensic and intelligence capabilities behind efforts to stop gang-related violence in Victoria.

Victorians, like all Australians, deserve to feel safe to go about their daily lives without fear or intimidation. Plainly, the status quo is not enough.

These street gangs and criminals rely heavily on the illegal drug trade to make a profit, with no regard for the pain and damage they leave in their wake.

We’ve just seen a demonstration there from all of those seized firearms and the very tight cooperation between the Australian Federal Police and the Victorian Police.

The Turnbull Government has announced a new $1.52 billion investment in Victorian infrastructure to ease congestion and provide better rail services right across the state. 

People deserve better public transport no matter where they live. That is why the Coalition is unlocking funding for major upgrades to rail in regional Victoria, creating over 1,000 new jobs.


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