The Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council has been refreshed with new membership as part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to closer engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The new Council will play an important role by engaging at the heart of Government, including with the Indigenous Policy Committee of Cabinet, collaborating with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, and ensuring the government is well positioned to renew the expiring Closing the Gap targets in the year ahead.

Thank you Tom, you are too kind. And Nick, thank you and Andrew, congratulations. It is wonderful to be here with the directors of the MRC. So many of my ministerial parliamentary colleagues. So many other great Australians. Andrew Bragg’s parents – a very proud day for them to have their son having this very important monograph launched here today.

It could not be more timely, as around the world people question the benefits of free trade and open markets.

Thank you, Mr Speaker.

On behalf of all Australians I congratulate Her Majesty, the Queen, on her Sapphire Jubilee. On 65 years of service as Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth lands, including Australia.

This is an extraordinary milestone.

The Queen is the longest serving British monarch. Only five other Kings and Queens in British history have reigned for 50 years or more. She is the only British monarch to reign for 65 years.


Well good morning. I’ll have to leave you in 13 minutes, but I’m here with Christian and Birmo and you’ve seen how important the child care reforms are for Australian families. Removing the $7,500 cap, so significant. You’ve heard from parents there how that is going to mean they’ll be able to retain more of what they earn, rather than having - the lady on my left was describing how after February at the moment, because of the cap, basically all of her after-tax income is going on child care.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called in. Prime Minister, the other day you gave a speech to the Press Club saying that electricity was a very urgent matter. It is. Are you surprised to hear what happened yesterday in this state?


PRIME MINISTER: Now more than ever, Australians need affordable and reliable electricity, affordable and reliable energy, as we meet our emissions reductions targets.

We’ve seen in South Australia in 41-degrees heat, what happens when governments follow an ideological approach to energy, with no plan; complacently assuming that things would sort themselves out, without putting in place the measures to secure their electricity network.

Today the Turnbull Government has taken the first step in the biggest reforms to the management of parliamentarians expenses in more than a generation.

We have established the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) which will be set up in two phases - first as an interim executive agency which will begin work on 3 April 2017 and then, subject to the passage of legislation, as a statutory authority from 1 July 2017.


Prime Minister, good morning to you.


Good morning, great to be with you.


Mr Turnbull, thanks very much for your time. Now everybody knows that the situation here in South Australia is completely unacceptable. Is there a role for Canberra in finding a solution? And if so, what do you think that solution is?



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