Thank you very much. Thank you.

And thank you Mr President and Mrs Trump for your warm family welcome to New York.  Lucy and I are honoured to be here. It is always wonderful to be back in this city and it is wonderful to meet your family, to be here with our son and our son-in-law, it has been a great evening and thank you so much.

And well done, congratulations – it is always good to win a vote in the Congress, or the Parliament as we call it.

PRIME MINISTER: Well thank you all very much for being here for this breakfast. We’ve got such a lot to discuss. I’m delighted that there’s so many great Australians, captains of industry, here in New York. I’m looking at two great exports in front of me, Robert Thomson and James Gorman alone. And of course Greg Norman, who was getting a lot of sympathy last night with the crutches.

GREG NORMAN: I still couldn’t get a handicap.


PRIME MINISTER: Well, we’ve had a very good meeting here this morning, here at Morgan Stanley, which it’s head of course, James Gorman, is an Australian. We’ve had a good discussion with a number of business leaders about investment in Australia, about the state of the global economy, prospects for growth both here and in our region. A very constructive discussion.

I have to say that the contribution Australians make to business and enterprise in the United States is very, very strong.

PRIME MINISTER: The strength of our Alliance is enduring. It’s been built on millions of relationships, of connections between Australians and Americans over so many years. 100 years of mateship - ever since the Battle of Hamel 99 years ago, in every major conflict Australians and Americans have fought side by side.

The Turnbull and McGowan Governments have reached agreement on a substantial $2.3 billion road and rail infrastructure package for Western Australia which will be included in the federal Budget on Tuesday.

The significant agreement will provide a major boost to WA’s local economy, with 6,000 jobs expected to be created as a result of the 17 new projects.

The package includes a $1.6 billion investment from the federal government and $745 million from the state government.

The total $2.3 billion State-Federal package includes:

The Turnbull Government will invest an additional $321.4 million to bolster the capability of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and strengthen the protection of all Australians.

This represents the largest single funding boost for the AFP’s domestic policing capabilities in a decade, reflecting this Government’s unwavering commitment to the AFP and keeping Australians safe.


Good morning. It’s great to be here with the Minister for Justice and the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Andrew Colvin to announce the largest increase in funding for the AFP’s domestic operations, in more than a decade. $321 million over the next four years. What that is going to do, is to enable the AFP to engage another 300 specialists in surveillance, in intelligence, in forensics - using the types of technology that we’ve just seen displayed a moment ago.

The Australian Government congratulates Emmanuel Macron on his election as the President of the Republic of France.

Australia enjoys a strong relationship with France, underpinned by common values and a shared vision for a secure and more prosperous future. Our people-to-people links continue to grow and Australia's 100,000-strong French community makes a vibrant contribution to our nation. 


The task now is to sell the budget. I am pleased to say, I am joined by the chief salesman. The Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, good morning and welcome to Breakfast.


Good morning, good to be with you.


Let's start with the banks. They are absolutely ropable about this new tax. Do you fear this is the mining tax 2.0?



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