A year since the Turnbull Government launched a landmark new plan to capitalise on the nation’s strengths and turn Australia into an innovation leader, major initiatives are underway to boost investment, generate jobs and improve the quality of our lives.

The $1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda was launched in December 2015, and represented a significant turning point in the nation’s economic direction.

Over the past 12 months, elements of the agenda have taken shape and are helping to drive a more prosperous future.


This is the real talent here, the entrepreneurs. Greg and I are delighted to be here in front of one of the small businesses that our Innovation Agenda has been able to help through its support, which is being delivered to YourGrocer.

Vice-Chancellor, Ita Buttrose, Dame Marie Bashir, Minister Pru Goward; so many distinguished friends and leaders in the Australian enterprise of dealing at long last with the challenge of mental illness.

I want to pay tribute to you all for the work you do and for being here because as you know, for too many Australians mental illness feels not only like a losing battle, but like a battle that must be fought alone.


His final appearance with us for the year, the Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull, good morning.


Morning Neil.


Mr Turnbull, you promised jobs and growth – that was the slogan - jobs and growth, we’ve got neither. Jobs are stagnant. We’ve got a negative quarter of growth. Some say we’re on the edge of recession. The worst figures since the global financial crisis. What are you going to do about it?


Barnaby, thank you for welcoming me here to the University of New England, to Armidale and the extraordinary science and innovation that is being undertaken here. A lot of people think that innovation is all about the big cloud service providers, it’s all for technology in the cities, but here we are, Australian agriculture is at the absolute cutting edge of innovation.


Well good morning. COAG is an important occasion when the leaders of Australia’s governments gather together to reach a consensus on important challenges that face our nation. And it’s a time for action - plenty of talking of course - but above all it has to be an occasion for concerted action.

The Turnbull Coalition will deliver $117.2 million to support frontline services addressing homelessness.

Around 85,000 people, particularly women and children affected by domestic violence and vulnerable young people, will be supported through 757 frontline services through the Transitional National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH).

The agreement, which has been extended through until June 2018, will provide certainty while state and territory governments continue to work together on long-term homelessness reforms.

The Australian Government will change the law to make it a crime to breach personal protection injunctions issued by federal family courts. 

Police will have the authority to immediately charge offenders for a breach, instead of victims of family violence having to bring an application to the court.

This new offence sends a clear message that family violence is not a private matter – it is criminal.

The changes will also relieve victims from the cost of taking family law proceedings to enforce an injunction.

Australia’s first City Deal to grow Townsville’s economy and transform the city centre was signed today by the Prime Minister, Queensland Premier and Townsville Mayor.

The City Deal marks a new era for Townsville, enabled by all three levels of government coming together to secure the economic success of Townsville and its people.  The deal will deliver an integrated package of initiatives to make Townsville more attractive to investors, increase jobs and growth, and revitalise the city.


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