Nine companies and individuals who have created employment opportunities and helped demonstrate the positive contribution veterans make to Australian workplaces have been honoured through the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Awards.

Around 5,500 members discharge from the Australian Defence Force each year. Many of these men and women are of an age where they still have a long civilian career ahead of them.

Trust is the currency of a strong and prosperous economy. We all have a stake in ensuring high public trust in our economic institutions and it’s no secret that big business, in particular, finds itself under unprecedented scrutiny.

Violence against women and children is just simply unacceptable. For many of us, it's just simply unthinkable. And the reality, though, is it occurs, and it occurs all over the country. No community is exempt.

Melissa McIntosh, Liberal Candidate for Lindsay: Hi, I’m Melissa McIntosh, the Liberal candidate for Lindsay. We’re here on the beautiful Nepean River in Penrith at the Nepean Rowing Club.


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