Morning. Well this morning in Isurava we stood on what was in 1942 the hinge of faith. Australia’s freedom dependent on the courage, endurance, mateship and the sacrifice of those few Australians and Papua New Guineans who stood together and held back the Japanese advance. Three times the Japanese sought to take Port Moresby, rebuffed in the Battle of the Coral Sea, held back on the Kokoda Track, rebuffed again and defeated at the Battle of Milne Bay.


Our ties are strong and will be stronger because of this visit.

Prime Minister Modi is leading this most remarkable nation on an extraordinary journey of growth and development.

The achievements of India are the admiration of the world.

We in Australia look forward to working even more closely than we have done in the past. 

We are bound together, ties of history, our values but above all of people.

So many people over so many years – half a million Australians of Indian background.


I’ll be meeting again with Prime Minister Modi in a moment, as we take the Australia-India relationship to new and higher levels. It is growing all the time, strengthening cooperation across so many fields.

I talked at the Press Club about opportunity and security, and the opportunities here for Australian exporters including, of course, exporters of raw materials, coal, energy products, but also education.


Thank you, Prime Minister for your welcome. Your hospitality is as warm as it is magnificent. We are very honoured to be here at your invitation.


Thank you very much Lieutenant General Mohan for your very warm welcome and for inviting me here today.

We are honoured to be in your company and I want to acknowledge among my party the High Commissioner, Harinder Sidhu, the Australian High Commissioner and of course many other distinguished members of the government including the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Frances Adamson.

PRIME MINISTER: Well thank you Tony, and we were just talking with Annabel Mehta and Sachin Tendulkar about Apnalaya, this wonderful foundation which is supporting kids from the slums in Mumbai and giving them the ability to reach for the skies.

This was started by your predecessor, Tony, Tom Holland in 1971. Annabel has been involved in it from the following year and, of course, Sachin is bringing his remarkable prowess, charisma and leadership to support it.

One of the world’s largest conglomerates has agreed to expand its operations in Australia, after a visit by the Prime Minister, The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced today it will open a new TCS Innovation Lab in Australia, after a one-on-one meeting between Prime Minister Turnbull and the CEO and Managing Director of TCS, Rajesh Gopinathan.

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull toured the TCS headquarters in Mumbai yesterday as part of his three day visit to India.


Prime Minister thanks for talking to Sky News. Now you’ve said that India is evolving into an economic superpower and that its military and strategic power will come with that. What does that mean for the regional status quo? How do you think India is going to use this power?



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