Prime Minister: Thank you very much and can I thank you and particularly members of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, the chairs do a tremendous job and I want to thank them for pulling this together today.

Prime Minister: It was a year ago where we held the national drought summit and what flowed from that drought summit was a series of initiatives, a strategy, to combat to respond to the drought.

Prime Minister: I’m pleased to be here at the Blackrock Camp which is training peacekeepers, people involved in ensuring we have civil law and order here across the Pacific.

There are just so many of these sites, so many cranes on the Sydney skyline, so many projects that are going ahead and it's tremendous to see and we want to see more of those projects because those projects mean jobs.

I will travel to Fiji from 11 to 12 October 2019 to hold discussions with Prime Minister Bainimarama to advance the Pacific Step-up and progress the Vuvale Partnership between our two countries.


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