Prime Minister: Thank you, friends! Thank you, friends! Can I just start by saying that as you know, a little while ago, Mr Shorten contacted me and I thank him, I thank him very much for the spirit in which he made that call and I thank him very much for his kind remarks to me and to Jenny and to our family.

The Australian Government condemns these further terrorist attacks that we’ve seen, bombings in Sri Lanka of Christians as they went to worship on Easter Sunday and bombings in hotels, all coordinated as part of a deadly terrorist attack.

Australia is deeply shocked and saddened by the horrific terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.

Sadly our High Commission in Colombo has today confirmed that two Australians were killed in these attacks, and two Australians have been injured.

Today, we’re announcing $17 million for a Tasmanian-specific skills program which will work outside the existing skills partnership we have with Tasmania, to identify and develop all those additional skills that are needed in quite specific areas, to make this project a great success.


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