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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


10 May 2017

  • Fran Kelly: Malcolm Turnbull – welcome to Breakfast. Prime Minister: Great to be with you. 

  • Prime Minister: Well good morning. The Budget is fair, it’s responsible, it returns the budget to surplus in 20/21 with a surplus of $7.4 billion.

  • Alan Jones: Thank you for your time, very grateful. Now look, Scott Morrison several times last night said that we must live within our means and yet our total debt is rising by about $5.3 million an hour. 

  • Michael Rowland: The task now is to sell the budget. I am pleased to say, I am joined by the chief salesman. The Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, good morning and welcome to Breakfast. 

08 May 2017

07 May 2017

  • The Turnbull and McGowan Governments have reached agreement on a substantial $2.3 billion road and rail infrastructure package for Western Australia which will be included in the federal Budget on Tuesday. The significant agreement will provide a major boost to WA’s local economy, with 6,000 jobs expected to be created as a result of the 17 new projects.

06 May 2017

  • The strength of our Alliance is enduring. It’s been built on millions of relationships, of connections between Australians and Americans over so many years. 100 years of mateship - ever since the Battle of Hamel 99 years ago, in every major conflict Australians and Americans have fought side by side.

05 May 2017


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