Remarks - Shanghai

Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese
Prime Minister

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER: All Australians' thoughts are with the family, friends, and all who know the brave firefighters who've lost their lives as a result of the fatal air accident that occurred in North Queensland. We know that people who fight fires and stand up in emergency services risk their lives each and every day to assist their fellow Australians and to assist their communities. And today, our hearts go out to them.

I say with regard to the visit here in Shanghai, the Minister and I have just been to the official dinner for what is a very important meeting that will take place tomorrow. And I thank the Premier of China for the invitation. Premier Li expressed that invitation to me when I was at the G20. And it is a wonderful thing to be here. The first Australian Prime Minister to visit for seven years.

We must cooperate with China where we can, we will disagree where we must, but we will also engage in our national interest. It is in Australia's interests to have a positive and constructive and open and respectful dialogue with our major trading partner. And that's what I hope to achieve over the coming days where I'll be meeting President Xi, Premier Li and other leaders here in China. China is our major trading partner. More than one in four of our export dollars is derived from China. And we know, as well, that one in four Australian jobs is trade dependent, which is why it's very good to be here with the Trade Minister. Thank you.