Opening Remarks - London, United Kingdom

18 Sep 2022
London, United Kingdom
Prime Minister
Australia / Canada Relations.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU, PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA: It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to sit down one again with Prime Minister Albanese. Anthony, thank you for the great conversations we’ve had already. Obviously, we are together at a time of reflection and condolences but also lots of work to do together on climate initiatives in the Pacific, working together on growing the economy, progressive values, lots of things to talk about. It’s really, really good to see you again. 

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA: Good to see you again, Justin. Together we met, I met King Charles just after you yesterday. We both had audiences separately. It’s a very solemn occasion in which we are here together in London, but in part in recognition of some of our common history and are our common values that we will talk about again today. Our common values of human rights, of support for the International Rule of Law in our region, and indeed we’ve seen the Russian invasion of Ukraine of course tramping over that. Also, we have such similar economies and similar challenges but also opportunities of dealing with climate change and growing our economies, growing good, sustainable jobs, and I look forward to another discussion this morning.

PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA: I know that conversations we have around critical minerals in a world that Canada and Australia both share strong expertise and have it in strong democracies with the kinds of values that I think matter to consumers around the world.