Opening Remarks - Bilateral meeting with the President of France

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese
Prime Minister

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER: Well, Mr President, it is great to see you. And we have much to talk about – about the roadmap of greater cooperation, defence and security, climate change and energy, and, of course, culture as well. We've had a fantastic discussion, of course, in Paris. I look forward to welcoming you to Australia to return the hospitality.

EMMANUEL MACRON, PRESIDENT OF FRANCE: Thank you, Mr Prime Minister. And I thank all of you here. I think it's important in the margins of the G20. I think we managed pretty well together, the rest of the group, and I want to commend the Indonesian President and thank you for your cooperation. I completely agree with you. Strategic approach and Indo-Pacific strategy, technology as well, and what we can do together in terms of digital economy. Climate is absolutely key for this Indo-Pacific approach and what we want to do together. And culture, meaning education, exchange of young people and common programs. Thank you very much.