Departure Doorstop Madrid, Spain

01 Jul 2022
Prime Minister
Meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; NATO Summit; President Emmanuel Macron; Strengthening Australia’s Relationship With France

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER: This morning I had a very successful meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Justin had rung me and congratulated me after the election and over the last couple of days we had a number of conversations. But this morning was an opportunity for us to further explore how we can cooperate with our common view when it comes to tackling climate change and the opportunities that it represents, but also having more social inclusion. We have very similar political perspectives and Prime Minister Trudeau has invited me to visit Canada. I've invited him to visit Australia. We'll wait and see when that happens, at some time in the future. The NATO Summit has been extremely successful. The communique that has arisen from the NATO Summit is one that Australia is strongly supportive of. Over the last couple of days what we've seen is the world come together in rejecting the Russian aggression on Ukraine, but also having a reassertion of our shared commitment to democratic values, of having a rules based international order.

JOURNALIST: PM, specifically, what what's your reaction to the statement calling out China as a security challenge and your reaction to China's comments that say you've threatened the reset?

PRIME MINISTER: Well, it is very positive that the Summit statement does make clear that China's relationship with Russia just prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where they spoke about no limits to that partnership. We need to reassert our democratic values. And that is something that has occurred at this NATO Summit.

JOURNALIST: You'll meet Emmanuel Macron tomorrow, what will you be telling him?

PRIME MINISTER: I have had a number of discussions over the last couple of days with Emmanuel Macron. Tomorrow, we'll have our formal bilateral meeting. And that's so important that we reset the relationship. France is a power in Europe, but it's also a Pacific power and it is such a strong relationship that has gone back, forged in World War One and World War Two, forged through strong economic relations. This afternoon, I'll be meeting with leaders of the French business community and also Australian businesses that are active in France. We need to progress the trade deal between Australia and Europe. There is a common theme that I have been meeting with European leaders over the last couple of days and I look forward to strengthening the relationship with France.

JOURNALIST: PM, just one more, it's Jodie's debut on the world stage. She's met leaders and dignitaries. How important has it been for you to have her by your side?

PRIME MINISTER: Well, Queen Letizia of Spain has hosted a spouses program, and we've seen partners of world leaders such as Jill Biden and other leaders all participate in that program. Over the last couple of days, Jodie has participated and it's been very constructive. Thank you.