Australia to join leaders pledge for nature

21 Sep 2022
New York
Prime Minister
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I’m pleased to say Australia will join other nations in endorsing the Leaders Pledge for Nature.

This highlights Australia's reinvigorated approach to protecting our environment and climate leadership and signals our solidarity with other world leaders in our commitment to taking strong action on the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.

Australia understands the urgency of the environmental challenges facing our planet and we're committed to being a leader in the global fight to solve them.

Australia is one of the most biologically rich and diverse nations on Earth, one of only a few mega-diverse countries that together comprise less than 10% of Earth's surface, but are home to more than 70 per cent of its living species.

Working together, we can better protect and conserve the world's land sea waterways and cultural heritage for future generations. Now is the time to act.