Annual Leaders' Meeting Opening Remarks

06 Jun 2022
Prime Minister

Prime Minister: Thank you very much Mr President, and I thank you in addition for giving me the great honour of the bike ride that we just had. [laughs]

I can confirm to members of my delegation that there were no incidents. [laughs]

My Foreign Minister was not all that confident at the time. [laughs]

But it was very good. And I also thank you very much for the tet-a-tete meeting that we have just had to discuss issues one-on-one, on a personal basis. This is my eighth visit to your wonderful country, and my sixth official visit to this country—four as a Minister, one as the Opposition Leader. But this is my most important as Prime Minister of my first bilateral visit to any nation as Prime Minister of Australia, and I wanted to make sure that it was to Indonesia.

I have great ambition for our relationship that we have the opportunity to strengthen our economic ties, to strengthen people-to-people relations through education and exchange of people. The fact that we have so many business leaders, who are the elite in terms of business leaders in Australia, with us. And we have a delegation made up of serious Ministers—the Foreign Minister, the Trade Minister and the Industry Minister, as well as Mr Gosling—shows the importance that we place on this relationship.

We’ll discuss more things over this meeting. But on issues of climate change and energy, my Government has a different position from our former government. We recognise the need to transition and support clean energy not just in our own country, but globally, as well as there's an opportunity for investment here that we have discussed, which will be very important. And the range of cooperation under our comprehensive strategic partnership is very wide. And your personal support for this has been vital. I thank you so much, Mr President.