Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Scott Morrison MP



The Hon Scott Morrison MP was sworn in as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia on 24 August 2018.

Since entering Federal politics as the Member for Cook in New South Wales, Mr Morrison has held a number of parliamentary positions.

Most recently, Mr Morrison was the Treasurer from 21 September 2015 to 24 August 2018.


Keeping our economy strong

Keeping Australians safe

Keeping Australians together

In the News

KARL STEFANOVIC: The Prime Minister joins us now. PM, good morning to you. PRIME MINISTER: G'day Karl.
27 May 2020
PETER STEFANOVIC: Joining us from Canberra is the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Prime Minister, thanks for your time this morning.
27 May 2020
SABRA LANE: Prime Minister, going to the last part of your speech there, it sounds like an accord version 2.0, if you like.
26 May 2020