Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP



Result of the May 2022 election

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP was sworn in as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia on 23 May 2022.

Mr Albanese was elected to Federal Parliament as the Member for Grayndler in 1996.

In the News

Media release
The Albanese Government will introduce legislation this week to establish a powerful, transparent and independent National Anti-Corruption Commission.
27 Sep 2022
HOST: Are we all upstanding? Can we please – let me play this. The one and only Anthony Albanese is in the building, is in the room. 
26 Sep 2022
HOST: Good morning and welcome to the show. Hi, everybody. HOST: Very special guest live in the studio this morning. He must be important because there is an entourage. HOST: An entourage.
26 Sep 2022