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31 March 2016

  • Fran Kelly: A process question first, if I may Prime Minister – why did you choose the launch of a football academy on the edge of a sporting field to reveal your plans for “the most fundamental reform in generations”?

30 March 2016

  • Welcome everyone here to the Penrith Panthers academy. This is a very exciting day for the people of Penrith.

  • Australia’s governments must work together to solve the big issues.

29 March 2016

  • I’m here with the Minister for Defence and the Minister for Justice and the Minister assisting me on counter terrorism to have a demonstration from the ADF on their counter terrorism capabilities.

  • Who can imagine a better representative for Macarthur than Russell Matheson? He’s passionate, he’s a local, you can see that his depth of commitment and understanding of all of the issues is really second to none.

26 March 2016

  • Sharman Stone has been a tireless, enthusiastic representative of her people of northern Victoria through 20 years - the good times and the tough times of fire, flood and drought. She is among the fifth generation of her family to be born in the electorate of Murray.

23 March 2016

  • Presenter: Let's get the response from the Australian Government now. We're joined by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, from Sydney. Mr Turnbull, good morning.

  • David Koch: Joining us now Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Prime Minister good morning to you. A terrible day to be talking to you, any update from Foreign Affairs on whether any Australians were caught up in the attacks?

  • I am here with Greg Hunt, the Environment Minister to talk about innovation. The key to Australia remaining a prosperous, high wage, first world economy with a generous social welfare safety net in these, the most exciting and competitive times in human history, is to be more innovative.

  • The Australian Government is establishing a $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund to support emerging technologies make the leap from demonstration to commercial deployment.


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