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Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Tony Abbott MP
  • A Message From the PM - President Joko Widodo Inauguration

    Today I am going to Indonesia for the Inauguration of its new President – Joko Widodo.

    The outgoing President, President Yudhoyono has been a great friend of Australia.  He has been a friend to successive Australian Prime Ministers since John Howard.

    President Jokowi now takes office with enormous goodwill – in his own country and in ours.

  • An action plan for Australia's future

    The Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda is a central part of the Government’s Economic Action Strategy to build a strong, prosperous economy for a safe, secure Australia.

    Job creation, growth and competitiveness need constant attention.

    Our Competitiveness Agenda is about ensuring that we make the most of our strengths in the months, years and decades ahead.

  • A Message from the PM - Our Plan to Keep Australia Safe

    As Australians, we’re rightly reluctant to reach out to conflicts thousands of miles away but sadly these conflicts sometimes reach out to us.

    The Government has a plan to keep Australia safe.

    So Australia is supporting international operations against ISIL. It’s a decision the Government has made in Australia’s national interest.

  • Appointment of Australian Federal Police Commissioner

    The Government will recommend to the Governor‑General that Mr Andrew Colvin APM OAM be appointed to the role of Australian Federal Police Commissioner.

    Mr Colvin has the vision, commitment and energy required to lead Australia’s national policing agency, forge national and international strategic partnerships and build on the AFP’s already strong approach to complex crime and security issues.

    We congratulate Mr Colvin on his appointment at a time when Australia faces some of its greatest national security challenges.

  • Address to the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations

    All people are entitled to make their own choices – provided these don’t infringe the rights of others. These are the principles which this organisation embodies, on which the future of humanity rests.

    We should put no limits on what we can achieve, especially when we work together, trust people and are faithful to our deepest values.


  • 21 October 2014 | Media release
    Australia mourns the passing of its 21st Prime Minister, the Honourable Edward Gough Whitlam AC QC. We remember his lifetime of service to Australia in the Royal Australian Air Force, as a parliamentarian, as Prime Minister and as an ambassador. Gough Whitlam was a giant of his time.  He united the Australian Labor Party, won two elections and seemed, in so many ways, larger than life. 
  • 20 October 2014 | Transcript
    It’s good to be here in Jakarta today. John Howard attended the inauguration of President Yudhoyono ten years ago and it’s fitting that I should be here to attend the inauguration of President Widodo today. Our relations with Indonesia are very important. This relationship matters. It’s a strong relationship.
  • 19 October 2014 | Media release
    In a year of outstanding achievement by Australian writers, today the Government announces the 2014 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards shortlists. These awards recognise the role Australian writers play in enlightening and entertaining us, reflecting on our history and taking our stories to the world.
  • 19 October 2014 | Media release
    Today I am going to Indonesia for the Inauguration of its new President – Joko Widodo.