Australian Government coat of arms

Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Tony Abbott MP

    Recent events in the Middle East have reminded Australians that we live in an uncertain world.

    Raising the alert level to High is designed to raise awareness in the community.

    The Government is working with the States and the Territories; consulting with the Opposition; and taking considered action so that you can continue to lead your lives confident that everything, everything possible is being done to protect you.

  • Joint Statement with Prime Minister Modi, New Delhi, India

    The Prime Minister of Australia Hon Tony Abbott MP paid a State Visit to India from 4-5 September, 2014 at the invitation of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

    Prime Minister Hon Tony Abbott MP renewed his invitation to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to visit Australia. Prime Minister Modi accepted the invitation to undertake a bilateral visit to Australia at the time of the G20 Summit in November 2014. 

  • A Message from the Prime Minister - Building a Stronger Australia

    This weekend marks one year since the Australian people entrusted the Liberal National Coalition with the job of building a stronger Australia.

    Since then, we have been working to deliver on our commitments to you and to make decisions that are in the best long-term interests of our country.

    Our focus has been building a strong, prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia.

  • International supply mission to Iraq

    Following the successful international humanitarian relief effort air-dropping supplies to the thousands of people stranded on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, the Royal Australian Air Force will now conduct further humanitarian missions.

    The United States Government has requested that Australia help to transport stores of military equipment, including arms and munitions, as part of a multi-nation effort.

  • A Message from the PM - Counter Terrorism Measures

    I want to update you about what the Government is doing to make our country as safe and secure as possible.

    Events in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere and the rise of violent extremism have reminded us that our country is not isolated from potential threats.

    I want to stress that these efforts are not directed against any particular community or religion; they’re against terrorists and potential terrorists.

    In an increasingly uncertain world, this Government is determined to keep our people safe and our country secure.  


  • 19 September 2014 | Transcript
    As all of you know, we live in an uncertain and a changing world. I've often said that the citizens of a peaceful democracy like Australia shrink from reaching out to conflicts in other parts of the world, but what we've seen in recent times is these conflicts reaching out to us. As all of you should now know, there are at least 60 Australians who are known to be fighting with ISIL and other terrorist groups in the Middle East.
  • 19 September 2014 | Transcript
    Well, really three messages, Chris. First, the Government will do whatever we humanly can to keep our community safe; second, that yesterday’s operation was about crime, it was about potential terrorism, it wasn’t about any particular religion or community; and third, the best thing people can do in the face of a terror threat here in Australia is go about normal life, because the whole point of terrorism is to scare people out of being themselves.
  • 19 September 2014 | Transcript
    The whole country, I regret to say, is at risk but I am confident in the professionalism of our police and security forces. I guess the messages that I have got for people today are, first, that the safety of the community is the Government’s highest priority. Second, that this is about crime, it’s not about any particular religion or community. Third, the best way to deal with this is for people to simply to go about their business as usual.
  • 19 September 2014 | Transcript
    Well, I make three fundamental points. The first is that the best response to all of this is to go about one’s business normally, because terrorism is about scaring people out of their ordinary daily way of life. Second point I make is that the Government will do whatever we humanly can to keep our community safe. Third point – very important point – is that the actions yesterday were not about any particular religious group or any particular community.