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01 December 2016

30 November 2016

  • Today we have secured another vital element in our National Economic Plan. We took two vital pieces of legislation vital reforming pieces of legislation to the Australian people as the triggers for the double dissolution. We have now secured the passage of them both.

  • TOM ELLIOT: This morning you go through the Australia Building Construction Commission legislation which of course was the reason for going to a double dissolution election back in July. Is this a major victory?

  • Commentators are fairly universally interpreting the passage of the ABCC Bill and the Registered Organisations Bill as victories that you badly needed after a bruising year. Is that how you see it?

29 November 2016

  • I’m delighted to be here with the Attorney to announce the appointment of the next Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia. And we are delighted to announce that the Governor General has accepted the advice of the Government to appoint Her Honour Justice Susan Mary Kiefel as the next Chief Justice, the 13th Chief Justice of Australia, and the first woman to hold that role. Justice Kiefel is the senior judge of the High Court after Chief Justice, Justice Robert French, who is retiring, as you know, and we thank him for his many years of judicial service.

  • Well, welcome colleagues, great to be here with you all. Here with my colleagues Barnaby and Julie and Fiona, leaders of our Party. As the parliamentary year comes to a close we remember the message we took to the election of delivering on our National Economic Plan to drive the jobs, the good jobs, the better jobs and the strong economic growth for all Australians. And we said we would make the 45th Parliament work and we said that we would deliver - and we are delivering.

  • His Excellency the Governor-General has accepted the advice of the Government to appoint the Honourable Justice Susan Mary Kiefel AC as the next Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia. Justice Kiefel will become Australia’s thirteenth Chief Justice when the Honourable Justice Robert French AC leaves the Court on 29 January 2017. His Excellency the Governor-General has also accepted the Government’s advice to appoint the Honourable Justice James Joshua Edelman to the High Court.  He will fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Justice Kiefel as Chief Justice.

28 November 2016


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