Health & Social Services

"Australia’s healthcare system is world class - the envy of many countries - and my Government is safeguarding it for our children and our grandchildren."

Malcolm Turnbull
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Australian healthcare is one of the best in the world, and we are committed to a first-class, universal health system.

The Turnbull Government will invest more than $75 billion on health in 2017-2018. This includes more money for hospitals, giving the states and territories almost $20 billion for public hospitals this year. Hospital funding will increase every year, and will grow by around $4.2 billion over the four years to 2020-21.

We are strengthening Medicare, to secure its future and the right of every Australian to access quality healthcare when they need it.

The Government is protecting Medicare through the new Medicare Guarantee Fund, and we are ensuring that all Australians can access affordable health care, evident in our ongoing commitment to bulk billing (GP Bulk billing rates are over 85%).

Since September 2013, the Government has listed more than 1,500 new and amended medicines on the PBS. These are life changing medicines for cancer, heart disease, cystic fibrosis and a cure for Hepatitis C. Many of these medicines would have cost people hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but now only cost $38.80 per script or as little as $6.30 for concession card holders.

As a society we must address mental health issues together to find solutions. We have shifted our mental health services to better focus on integration, early intervention and better targeted care for people needing support.

Since the 2016 election, we have invested an extra $367.5 million in mental health and suicide prevention activities. We aim to reduce suicide rates through regional trials, research and by engaging directly with local communities. This includes the implementation of 12 regional suicide prevention trial sites, digital innovation trials, and 10 lead sites to trial different care models.

We are supporting older Australians to be independent and have more choice over the services they receive. We are committed to ensuring Australia’s aged care system can meet the demands of our ageing population, while maintaining a high standard of service delivery. In May 2017, the Government announced an independent review of our Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes to ensure older Australians are receiving the quality care they deserve.

Social Services

Our social policies are aimed at improving the wellbeing of all Australians.

The best way to share the opportunities that come with economic growth is to make sure families at risk have someone in a job, bringing home a regular pay cheque. This improves both their own prospects and living standards, as well as their children’s.

We are encouraging Australians off welfare and into the workforce by strengthening participation requirements.

We are breaking down barriers to employment with policies that support those most in need, while maximising people’s ability to support themselves and carve out their own future.

And we are better targeting Government support so that jobseekers can find a good job.

The Government is rolling out the NDIS and ensuring that it is properly funded so that Australians with disabilities can live with dignity, and their carers and families can access the affordable support they need.

The NDIS savings fund, once legislated, will make this a reality, and ensure that this great national enterprise is fully funded.

Under the Turnbull Government

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Live-saving medicines on the PBS
Guaranteeing Medicare
Fully funding the NDIS

Responsible Ministers

Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie
Minister for Rural Health, Minister for Sport, Minister for Regional Communications
The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Minister for Health
The Hon Michael Keenan MP
Minister for Human Services, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Transformation
The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Social Services