Economy & Finance

The Turnbull Government is delivering a competitive, dynamic economy to provide more opportunities for all Australians.

Defence & National Security

The Turnbull Government’s first priority is to keep Australians safe from those who seek to do us harm.

Immigration & Border Protection

Australia is the most successful multicultural society in the world, built on settlement, security and mutual respect for Australian values.

Environment & Energy

Every decision made by the Turnbull Government on energy is designed to ease pressure on household bills, and make Australian businesses more competitive with affordable, reliable energy, at the same time as we meet our international commitments.

Education & Childcare

The Turnbull Government is delivering real needs-based funding for all Australian schools, making childcare more affordable and accessible for families, and reforming our tertiary education sector so that it is sustainable for years to come.

Health & Social Services

Australian healthcare is one of the best in the world, and we are committed to a first-class, universal health system.

Agriculture & Regional Australia

Australian agriculture remains a pillar of our economy. Everything we do as a government is about backing hard working Australian families, including farmers and farm businesses.

Business & Employment

One Million Jobs Created Under Liberal National Government

Infrastructure & Industry

Our cities and regions deserve the best infrastructure in the world: transport, schools, universities, roads, hospitals, parks and open spaces. 

Indigenous Affairs

Improving the lives of our First Australians is a priority of the Turnbull Government.

International & Trade

The Turnbull Government is creating new export opportunities for Australian farmers, services, businesses and manufacturers that supports economic growth and creates new jobs.