Visit to strengthen Australia-Viet Nam partnership

Media release
21 Aug 2019
Prime Minister

I will travel to Hanoi, Viet Nam from 22 to 24 August 2019 as part of my Government’s continued engagement with our neighbours, partners and allies around the world.

Our relationship with Viet Nam has never been stronger. On my first official visit as Prime Minister to Viet Nam I look forward to meeting with Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc to discuss ways to drive forward the strategic partnership we established in 2018.

Our focus will be on strengthening economic, security and people to people cooperation between our two countries.

We will also be discussing the importance of protecting our oceans, including against plastics pollution and illegal fishing.

I am particularly looking forward to working with Prime Minister Phúc to identify ways to continue to expand the trade and investment relationship between our two countries. 

Australia and Viet Nam are already free trade partners through our participation in the ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as ongoing negotiations on a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Our two way trade is growing strongly, having grown by nearly 11 per cent per annum over the last five years to reach $14.5 billion in 2018. Only our trade with India is growing at a faster rate.

The visit reflects my Government’s commitment to deepening Australia’s relations with Southeast Asia.

I was pleased to travel to Singapore as part of my first overseas visit following the election and I'm equally pleased to be travelling to Viet Nam so soon after.

Australia and the world face uncertain times and global economic headwinds. Our engagement with our family, neighbours and international partners is more important than ever.