Statement to the President’s Global Summit to End COVID-19 Washington DC, USA

23 Sep 2021
Prime Minister

Prime Minister: Mr President, your Administration has set ambitious targets in convening this vitally important summit. Australia stands with you to do all we can to advance them.

This pandemic is one of the most complex challenges in living memory.

The world faces no greater test than ending it.

And no more urgent task than vaccinating against it.

No country is safe until we are all safe.

That’s why it’s vital we work together.

To save lives and livelihoods; to rebuild what we’ve lost.

Australia is committed to doing our part.

At the G7 in June, I committed to sharing 20 million vaccine doses with our region.

We have already delivered more than 3.2 million of those.

This complements our commitment of $623.2 million to help our Indo-Pacific neighbours access vaccines and support national vaccine roll-outs.

We’ve provided 4,000 ventilators, almost 2,000 oxygen concentrators, and 106 tonnes of PPE, medical equipment and supplies to the Indo-Pacific.

I’m pleased to announce today that Australia will share a further 20 million doses, and procure up to another 20 million doses beyond that.

That’s up to 60 million vaccine doses for our region, between now and the end of 2022.

We’re also looking to the next phase of recovery.

Supporting research and development, and genomic surveillance.

Strengthening our global health system to better respond to future threats.

Working through multilateral processes to mobilise political commitment and resourcing, and to reform global health architecture to make it fit for purpose.

Australia’s commitments will be met transparently and accountably, with no strings attached.

We will do our part in ending this pandemic, and preparing for the future.