Statement - G20 Leaders' Summit

Media release
27 Jun 2019
Prime Minister

I will travel to Japan from 27 to 30 June for the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Osaka.

There are gathering clouds in the global economy and this weekend’s Summit is an important opportunity to reinforce the value of free trade and global engagement.

As our government has said before, that is the surest path to stability and prosperity.

Last year, the G20 sent a strong message of support for World Trade Organization (WTO) reform and I will be working to progress that agenda. We need to mend the rules-based trading system.

The G20 is a key forum for addressing the pressures the global trading system faces.

Another key priority for Australia will be how the international community can cooperate to keep violent and extremist content off social media and the internet following the horrific terrorist attacks in Christchurch.

Together, we need to raise the bar for what we expect of social media and internet companies.

During Australia’s G20 presidency in 2014, we prioritised addressing infrastructure needs. I welcome Japan continuing this legacy through emphasising responsible infrastructure governance. We need infrastructure investment that is sustainable, transparent and meets the genuine needs of businesses and communities.

I will also encourage G20 leaders to meet the 25x25 goal set in Brisbane in 2014. This goal was a promise leaders made to reduce the labour market participation gap between women and men by 25 per cent by the year 2025. Australia is on track to well and truly meet this commitment and I will be encouraging other leaders to drive global progress.

I also look forward to supporting Prime Minister Abe in his leadership of this year’s G20, particularly his efforts to share the benefits of new technology widely by ensuring open data that we can all trust.

This year’s G20 Summit will give all leaders an opportunity to work through all of these priorities in partnership.