Remarks at reception with Australian Defence Personnel

23 Sep 2016
Honolulu, Hawaii
Prime Minister

Thank you. Thank you very much Admiral and really thank you so much for allowing us to have a party in your garden, it’s very generous of you. Lucy and I – Luce, come up. Lucy and I are thrilled to be here with you. Can I just say to you how equally important the relationship is to us. You’ve spoken very warmly of our alliance. I’ve just come from Washington yesterday and everybody I met, from the intelligence community to the Defence Secretary - everybody spoke so warmly and so appreciatively of the work that the Australian Defence Force does right around the world in partnership in our alliance with the United States.

We are the firmest of friends, the strongest of allies, the most resolute allies in the battles we have for freedom right around the world - standing up for the rule of law in the Pacific, battling against terrorism right around the world. We spend a lot of time talking about the challenges in our region, Korea, South China Sea, terrorism and obviously we spend a lot of time talking about the Middle East. Everywhere, Australia and the United States are working together and the Australian men and women here today, can I say to you, we are so proud of you. Everything you do makes Australia prouder, stronger and safer. All of you, Australians and Americans alike, you are all making the world a safer place.

There are plenty of challenges, but we will meet them. We’ve met them in the past and we will meet them in the future and can I just say finally, in appreciation Admiral for your hospitality, can I just note an example of a very personal Australian-American alliance. Arron and Angelina met here in Hawaii and are getting married in January and Lucy and I wish you all the best for your wonderful life together.