Remarks, Quad Meeting with the Vice President - Washington DC, USA

24 Sep 2021
Washington DC, USA
Prime Minister

PRIME MINISTER: Well, thank you very much, Madam Vice President. It's great to be here with you and my good friend Yoshi Suga, and we thank him for his great participation as the leader of his fine country over this past year and we'll miss him very, very much.

Madam Vice President, you have a unique perspective on the Indo-Pacific because you're a West Coaster. And you look across the Pacific and we look back. And so we welcome that perspective, especially at the highest levels of the Biden Administration, and as we discussed on that day.

Particularly on COVID, looking forward to discussing how the pandemic becomes over time, particularly as vaccines roll throughout countries, it increasingly become a pandemic of the disadvantaged and how we are addressing those issues together, be those in areas of low socio-economic opportunity. In particular, multicultural communities, in Australia is one of the, if not the most multicultural country on Earth. And we'll face those challenges. But whether it's the cyber security issues, the defence and security issues, of course, the AUKUS partnership that we only announced last week, and was so warmly received by my good friend Yoshi. It's good to be here today in Washington, bringing a close to a week of reaffirming all of our strong alliances and particularly the 70th year of our ANZUS alliance as well.