Remarks at the bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Samoa

Media release
08 Sep 2017
48th Pacific Islands Forum, Samoa
Prime Minister
International and Trade

PRIME MINISTER: Thank you for being such a magnificent host for the Pacific Islands Forum.

It’s been a very successful meeting, you’ve been such a generous host and I have to say, the Police Band are absolutely incredible.


They can dance, they can act, they did everything. It was brilliant.

So it’s been a great meeting and you’ve done us proud so thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER OF SAMOA: Well I am most grateful for your contribution, your ongoing contribution. It’s really helped to smooth out rough corners.


It’s a group of 18 members and as we expand, it becomes difficult to control in a sense, so many interests. Of course we are aware the cost continues to build up, but with the stature of the economies of some of our members, it’s difficult to do everything that we want.

But I think the security is going to be faced with a very big task over the next 12 months in respect of the necessary preparation for the renegotiation of the host country agreement. But overall I think the exchanges have been very lively and fruitful.

PRIME MINISTER: Yeah, thank you for your leadership, the very strong statement that we’re making about North Korea shows a real unity of purpose and solidarity to the global community in doing everything that we can to bring that reckless and dangerous regime to its senses.