Remarks - Bankstown, NSW

09 Oct 2019
Bankstown, NSW
Prime Minister
Bushfires in NSW and QLD

PRIME MINISTER: On a separate issue today I just want people to know, particularly those in northern New South Wales near Casino where up to 20 homes have been lost overnight, that our thoughts are very much with those communities and the emergency service workers and the others who are providing support today. But while that fire which has taken a terrible toll has eased, there remains very real pressures and very real dangers in Queensland where fires are also burning as well as in the Northern Territory, and in Western Australia, and so my encouragement to people would be to be looking very closely, and listening very carefully, to the warnings and other instructions that they may receive from time to time. These terrible events are events that our emergency services, fire authorities and others train for, and prepare for, and are resourced to be able to respond to these events but as always in these cases there is a tremendous volunteer community response that goes in to support families, and individuals, as they are dealing with the stress of these times and particularly those who have lost so much overnight. And so we thank those who are getting around them today, families and friends communities, as well as those who are there to provide other professional services. Of course we would expect the insurance companies to play their role in these circumstances and those responses will come in place I think we would expect very swiftly as well. So for now though our thoughts are with those who have lost a great deal, fortunately there's been no loss of life which is something always to be thankful for but there are remaining very serious threats today in those locations I’ve mentioned to you. For those communities around Casino it’s going to be a very tough day but know that Australians are with you. Thanks very much.