Remarks - Arrival at Joint Base Andrews

19 Sep 2019
Maryland, USA
Prime Minister

PRIME MINISTER: Here we are the land of the free, the home of the brave.

We just heard there are no two anthems that you'll hear anywhere in the world when played together that talk about freedom and liberty and all the things we hold dear as Australians.

Someone said to me many years ago that if you want to celebrate anniversaries, it's not just a matter of the years rolling by. You've got to invest in those relationships. You've got to take care and you've got to tend them and it is a great honour and privilege that Jenny and I and our delegation come here at the very gracious invitation of President Trump and Mrs. Trump to do something very important.

Firstly, to honour and celebrate 100 years of mateship and I particularly want to pay tribute to Ambassador Hockey and the tremendous work he's done in his tending of that relationship here in this country and that celebrating of that hundred years of mateship.

But it's also about laying the foundation for another hundred years.

And whether it's on our defence relationship, our security relationship, our economic relationship, our partnerships around the world whether in the Middle East or closer to home in the Indo-Pacific, all of these things go together to have one of, I think, the best relationships of any two nations anywhere in the world.

There are many larger, I suppose, more powerful friends than, America has, but they know they do not have a more sure and steadfast friend than Australia.

And so I'm looking forward to spending time with our American friends here over the next few days and celebrating our tremendous relationship.

Thank you very much.