Re-election of the Speaker

30 Aug 2016
Parliament House, Canberra
Prime Minister

On behalf of the Government, the warmest congratulations on your elevation or your re-elevation to the great Office of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

You have conducted this vitally important office with elegance, intellect, dignity, charm, impartiality.

This is a very robust chamber, as we all know. Sometimes in Question Time even people that are naturally very reasonable will become unreasonable and intemperate.

But you Sir, have risen above that and you project a calm that reflects so well on our House and so well on our democracy.

You have demonstrated that as Speaker in the last Parliament and it is a great achievement that you have done that because all of us understand that we come into politics as advocates, making a strong case for our principles, for our constituents, being prepared to take on arguments with force and sometimes with ferocity.

To translate from that role to one of calm, equanimity, impartiality, nonetheless authority is a really profound transition.

You have achieved that, Mr Speaker, you have reflected so well on our democracy, so well on our house and we - from the Government, are so delighted that you have once again consented to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives, congratulations.

To Pam and your family, without whose support we know you wouldn't be able to perform your high office.


Hear, hear!