Radio interview with Stav, Matty & Abby with Osher - Brisbane Hit105

20 Sep 2017
Prime Minister
Queensland visit; Football photo; NRL Finals; Diet; Family; Discrimination; Same-sex marriage.

MATTY: The boss is here, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, good morning.

PRIME MINISTER: Good morning, great to be with you.

ABBY: You didn’t see it but we did stand for you, just wanted to let you know there.

PRIME MINISTER: That’s very good – I’m standing too.

ABBY: Oh good, good. Why are you blessing our beautiful state today?

PRIME MINISTER: Well I was here yesterday talking about energy. And I am going out today to look at the $900 million we are spending, the Federal Government is spending on the Gateway North Upgrade. That’s a big project.

And then I’ll go down to Beenleigh and meet people down there with Bert van Manen the local member. And I’ll be with Luke Howarth this morning, the Member for Petrie.

And then I’ll be going up to the Sunshine Coast this afternoon and we’ve got ‘Politics in the Pub’ there with Ted O’Brien and Andrew Wallace.

ABBY: Politics in the Pub!

OSHER: That’s a big day!

PRIME MINISTER: Bruce Highway, M1 – you know, we are investing billions of dollars in infrastructure in Queensland and it is important that I check it out and see how it is being spent.

MATTY: God – sounds like you’ve got your hands full and it’s not with a beer and a baby this time so well done there, sir!


PRIME MINISTER: Thank you very much.

ABBY: I’ve got to say that was actually a really beautiful photo and I thought finally we can see the multitasking. I really enjoyed that photo. Wasn’t it a bit silly, the outcry?

PRIME MINISTER: I thought it was yeah, but of course, it was Daisy’s joke about men’s limitations at multitasking.

MATTY: And you know what? If it was a woman cooking dinner holding a baby and drinking a wine, we’d all be applauding it going how amazing but the Prime Minister does it and there is trouble, hey?


PRIME MINISTER: Well it was pretty peaceful. It was a very good game, of course, when the Swans beat Essendon and then of course got beaten very badly by Geelong the following week which is no good – so they’re out!

MATTY: Hey – speaking of the real code here in Queensland, NRL, are you going to be for-

PRIME MINISTER: Yeah, what do you think? An all Queensland Grand Final? What do you reckon?

ABBY: Yeah!

MATTY: Yeah, I’m feeling it, I reckon it’s gonna happen. Who would you back when it happens? Would you go Cowboys or Broncos?

PRIME MINISTER: Ah – that’s a good question because my team is in the hunt. The Roosters are playing the Cowboys on Saturday. 

So, look, I think I’d go for the Cowboys between the Cowboys and the Broncos.

But the Roosters are my team and my local team and always have because I’ve always lived in the same part of Sydney so I’m looking forward to them beating the Cowboys and then going on to win the Grand Final.

But, you know, football is, you never know. You get unexpected outcomes.

ABBY: Especially during finals.

PRIME MINISTER: They’re good, they’re going well though. I saw them at training the other day.

OSHER: Just popping in!

PRIME MINISTER: They invited me to do the weights with them.

MATTY: Right.

ABBY: Yes?

PRIME MINISTER: And they’re all Game of Thrones fans, well a number of them were, so I said I’m one of the wise men with skinny arms.


OSHER: But you are looking fit as a fiddle these days, Malcolm – what happened? You’re looking fantastic at the moment.

PRIME MINISTER: Oh gosh, that’s kind. Nothing has happened. I just, I haven’t done anything special. I went for a lovely walk this morning along the river here-

OSHER: Lovely.

PRIME MINISTER: In Brisbane and said hello to lots of people. It’s good. It’s a very beautiful, beautiful time of year here.

MATTY: Didn’t you do, are you doing the same special Chinese diet that Abby did?

ABBY: Do you know I went and saw Dr Liu in Sydney and I’ve got, I’m doing the fasting at the moment which I believe you did?

PRIME MINISTER: Yep, many years ago. When I say many years ago, probably 2011.

ABBY: 2011 – I researched.


PRIME MINISTER: Yes, that’s right, yep.

And you know, to be honest I found all the herbs, I gave them up after a few weeks because I worked out that what it did, however, it made me realise that I could control my appetite and once you get on top of your, it’s a mental thing, once you work out that you can decide how much you eat, then you can control your weight. Because ultimately you can spend, people spend billions of dollars I guess on diets, but ultimately the answer is eat less – isn’t it? Two words that are easier to say than to do but that’s the challenge.

MATTY: I want to ask your advice on something.


MATTY: Have you ever bought your wife clothing without her knowing? Have you ever surprised her with a dress or something you wanted her to wear?

PRIME MINISTER: No! No, that would be most unwise I would think.


ABBY: Matty has just done that for his wife and he showed me the dress.

OSHER: Even the Prime Minister doesn’t do it!

PRIME MINISTER: Yeah, well, look, I think it works better the other way.


MATTY: But what are you worried about? Like, what would be the things that you would worry about? Because I’m thinking of doing it and giving it to her without, and just going here – surprise! What do you reckon might get me in trouble?

PRIME MINISTER: Well what if it doesn’t fit?

What if she doesn’t like it?

I think clothes are very personal. 

And a lot of men’s clothes are very utilitarian. You know, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a shirt, a tie. I mean ultimately if someone gives you a tie that you don’t particularly like, doesn’t matter, you just don’t wear it very often.

OSHER: Maybe you could help Matty out, Malcolm. I’ve seen you squirm out of some very heavy questions at Question Time. It’s Friday night, it’s her birthday. Matty has presented the dress. It’s the wrong size. She’s upset. What does Matty say?



ABBY: Perfect.

PRIME MINISTER: A big hug and a big kiss. I love you. Happy Birthday.

ABBY: Malcolm Turnbull – you know that everyone would be talking about the plebiscite and you have been honest and open saying that you are going to vote ‘yes’. I wanted to know your opinion on what happened with the business owner of a children’s party who sacked one of her workers because she was promoting, saying that she was going to vote ‘no’. Is that legal? What is your thoughts on it?

PRIME MINISTER: Look, I don’t know enough about the facts to know about the legality. I’ll just say this – freedom of expression is an absolutely fundamental part of our way of life as Australians. So, I encourage everybody – employers, everyone – to treat others with respect and respect, if you want people to respect your point of view on same-sex marriage or anything else, you’ve got to respect theirs.

Now Lucy and I are voting ‘yes’. We encourage others to vote ‘yes’. But above all we respect everybody’s views, those that take a different view that are going to vote ‘no’ and most importantly we encourage everyone to have their say.

So we want to see as high a participation rate, I think we all do, as possible.

Now as far as the, so again, I don’t know, I can’t give you an answer on the legal point but it is a fact though that workplace and anti-discrimination laws around the country prohibit employers from sacking or mistreating workers on the basis of their political or religious views but it depends on the circumstances.

But, the main thing is respect. You know, people are entitled to a different point of view and if you want people to respect your point of view you’ve got to prepared to respect theirs.

MATTY: Is that the politicians version of I love you when you buy the wrong outfit?


PRIME MINISTER: No – but it’s I respect you!

MATTY: Yeah, I agree.

PRIME MINISTER: And you know, look, we’ve got an amazing nation here. We are the most successful multicultural society in the world. The Australian project is extraordinary, it is unique.

And how do we live in such relative harmony in the midst of all of this diversity? We do so because of respect. Mutual respect. And so that is the important thing – treat people with respect and they’ll treat you with respect and then your differences, you know, you resolve them.

And we’re going to resolve the differences on same-sex marriage by giving every Australian a say. And by the middle of November we’ll know the answer and that will determine what happens in the Parliament.

MATTY: Alright, well, Malcolm we really appreciate you coming on mate. We know you’re a busy man and thanks for calling through to us when you’re here in Queensland.

PRIME MINISTER: Great to be with you!