Office of National Intelligence

Media release
20 Dec 2018
Prime Minister

Today the Office of National Intelligence (ONI) formally commences its role as the lead agency of Australia’s national intelligence community.

The evolution of the Office of National Assessments into ONI follows the recommendations of the 2017 Independent Intelligence Review. A key finding of the Review was that better coordination of our intelligence community was necessary to respond more effectively to the unprecedented changes in Australia's security environment.

As well as being Australia’s premier all-source intelligence assessment agency, ONI will coordinate, integrate and evaluate the work of the national intelligence community, which is now a major enterprise and should be managed as such.

The Director-General of National Intelligence will be the Prime Minister’s principal advisor on intelligence issues.

ONI’s mandate ensures that Australia has a contemporary national intelligence enterprise built on strong collaboration. By drawing together and leveraging the talent of our national intelligence community’s workforce  – and the best technologies  –  ONI will help position Australia to better meet the challenges of its evolving security environment.  ONI will play an important role in my commitment to keep Australians safe.