Global step forward on terror content crackdown

Media release
29 Jun 2019
Prime Minister

Global leaders have raised the bar for social media companies in the fight to crackdown on sharing terrorist content.

Australia has been working tirelessly since the horrific Christchurch terrorist attacks to send a clear message to internet companies, together with our international partners, about the special responsibility those companies have in the fight against terrorism.

Today’s joint statement from the G20 Leaders’ Summit is an unprecedented coordinated effort and show of unity in the fight against terrorist and violent extremist content shared online.

It is a clear warning from global leaders to internet companies that they must step up. It builds on the Christchurch Call to Acton and affirms our commitments as governments to follow through with practical efforts to prevent something like that ever happening again.

We will also share the insights and successes our governments have each taken to combat terrorist and violent extremist content online such as the laws the Australian Government has delivered. In recent days many other leaders have referenced those laws as a gold global standard. We have also agreed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism needs to be strengthened.

The world’s citizens rightly have high expectations of internet companies that they must not let their platforms be exploited.

It is time for them to act.

Throughout the development of this statement I have been in regular contact and working closely with New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. I would also like to personally thank Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his strong support of our efforts to develop this statement as host of this year’s G20 after I wrote to him following the Christchurch attacks. France’s President Emmanuel Macron, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May have also delivered valuable support to build consensus for this global action.

Together, we are committed to tackling terrorist and violent extremist content in all its forms, on every platform, to keep our citizens safe.