Video Message - Coronavirus Global Response International Pledging Event

05 May 2020
Prime Minister

PRIME MINISTER: G'day from Australia. We're very pleased to be part of this important event today, and I want to thank the European Commission for bringing us all together for this important purpose.

COVID-19 is putting us all to the test and it is a test we are all rising to. This is a great shared project by the peoples of the world with a clear purpose: to find that vaccine for COVID-19. A safe vaccine, available to all, affordable to all.

In Australia and around the world, our best and brightest medical minds and researchers are working tirelessly in the service of all peoples.

Today, Australia is pledging $352 million Australian dollars towards this global effort to fight COVID-19 and to find that vaccine.

We're providing $15 million Australian dollars to help develop COVID-19 vaccines and diagnostics to be shared equally between the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND).

As well, here in Australia, we're also providing $337 million Australian dollars to fund COVID-19 research and development work on vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics and respiratory medicine.

Our world-class medical researchers and institutions, the University of Queensland, the Doherty Institute and our CSIRO are already working with CEPI to fast track a vaccine. Our pledge builds on A$170 million that we contribute every single year to global partners working on the development and deployment of vaccines, drugs and diagnostics.

We look forward to continuing our strong support also for GAVI at the pledging conference hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson next month. And it's great to see you looking so well, Boris.

We're also stepping up to assist our region. Our development program is pivoting to focus on COVID-19, especially in our family neighbourhood of the Pacific and Southeast Asia, where we can have the most impact.

I know we're all hurting and grieving for what has been lost, and so much has been lost. But out of our grief and sadness comes a strong determination to beat this virus by working together. And in so doing, ensuring we are better prepared for future pandemics.

Thank you so much for the ability to contribute today and be part of this important initiative. And I think the European Commission again for the opportunity.