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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


31 July 2017

  • Sabra Lane: It's now more than 24 hours since the nation was alerted to this plot. How close was this group to carrying it out? Prime Minister: They were advanced. I can't say precisely how far they were advanced at this stage, because that's a matter that's being investigated.

30 July 2017

29 July 2017

28 July 2017

  • I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Greg Moriarty as Secretary of the Department of Defence. Mr Moriarty brings a considerable range and depth of experience to the role and I congratulate him on his appointment.

25 July 2017

  • Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM has advised me that he wishes to leave his position as Secretary of the Department of the Environment and Energy from 8 September 2017 to pursue other interests.

  • Senator the Hon. Matt Canavan has today stepped aside from the Ministry and resigned as Minister for Resources and Northern Australia.

21 July 2017

  • I am pleased to announce that Ms Danielle Roche OAM will be appointed the new Chair of the National Australia Day Council Board effective 25 July, for three years. Ms Roche is an Olympic Gold Medallist and brings vast financial and commercial expertise to the committee.

20 July 2017


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