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16 March 2017

  • BEN FORDHAM: Prime Minister good afternoon. PRIME MINISTER: Good afternoon, Ben. BEN FORDHAM: Thank you for taking the time to give us a call and say g’day. The Snowy Hydro Scheme 2.0.  Not a lot of detail, how much is it going to cost? How are we going to pay for it, how long will it take to build?

  • The Snowy Hydro – what an extraordinary achievement. This was the result of the vision and the courage of the generation that won the Second World War. They defended our freedoms, saved us and they came home and built this. These are big dreams in these mountains; real courage, a belief in the future, a confidence in Australia.What we are announcing today is our commitment to ensure that we build on that confidence, we continue with that courage. 

  • The Turnbull Government will start work on an electricity game-changer: the plan for the Snowy Mountains Scheme 2.0. This plan will increase the generation of the Snowy Hydro scheme by 50%, adding 2000 megawatts of renewable energy to the National Electricity Market - enough to power 500,000 thousand homes.

15 March 2017

14 March 2017

12 March 2017

  • I congratulate Mark McGowan on his victory in the Western Australian state election yesterday and I thank Colin Barnett for his outstanding leadership over more than eight years.

  • David Coleman MP: Well it’s great to have the Prime Minister here today to discuss the No Jab No Pay, No Play policy. This is of great importance to families in my electorate. There is a very, very strong level of support for this policy to protect our kids. So terrific to have the Prime Minister here in the electorate this afternoon.

10 March 2017


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