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09 December 2016

  • Welcome everyone. I want to thank the Premiers, Chief Ministers and the President of the Local Government Association for a very good discussion today. These meetings are often described as talks, but we've had a lot of delivery today, too. I want to acknowledge and thank the hard work of our officials who have put in the spade work before this meeting.

  • This is the new much more collaborative approach that we’re taking with cities and with state governments to make a real difference to the lives of the residents of Townsville. We’re bringing all of our levers together across infrastructure, industry, trade and investment, defence, research and education, energy and resources, to achieve our shared vision of Townsville as the economic gateway to Northern Australia, a global leader in tropical and marine research and innovation, and a great city to live in.

  • Australia’s first City Deal to grow Townsville’s economy and transform the city centre was signed today by the Prime Minister, Queensland Premier and Townsville Mayor.

  • Good morning and welcome. I want to thank the Premiers, Chief Ministers and President of the Local Government Association for being here today and particularly welcome Michael Gunner, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory and the new President of ALGA to their first COAG meeting.

  • The Turnbull Coalition will deliver $117.2 million to support frontline services addressing homelessness.

  • The Australian Government will change the law to make it a crime to breach personal protection injunctions issued by federal family courts.

  • Well good morning. COAG is an important occasion when the leaders of Australia’s governments gather together to reach a consensus on important challenges that face our nation. And it’s a time for action - plenty of talking of course - but above all it has to be an occasion for concerted action.

08 December 2016

07 December 2016

  • This is the real talent here, the entrepreneurs. Greg and I are delighted to be here in front of one of the small businesses that our Innovation Agenda has been able to help through its support, which is being delivered to YourGrocer.


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