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04 September 2015

  • Andrew Southcott has been a fine contributor to the Parliament and to our Party Room. Andrew was first elected to Parliament in 1996. For nearly two decades, he’s been a hardworking and effective local member, consistently delivering for the people of Boothby. The establishment of the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer in his electorate, for example, was one of Andrew’s finest local achievements. As a Shadow frontbencher, he took up the fight against Labor’s wasteful GP Super Clinics and was a staunch defender of the private health insurance rebate and the private health insurance industry more generally. As Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, Andrew chaired hearings into Australia’s Free Trade Agreement with the United States. This landmark economic agreement entered into force during Andrew’s Chairmanship of the Committee. 

01 September 2015

  • The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement means more jobs for Australians. Trade means jobs, and more trade means even more jobs. A fortnight ago, former NSW Premier and Foreign Minister Bob Carr came out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Last week, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke came out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Yesterday, South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill came out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. And, this afternoon, Victorian Labor Premier Dan Andrews has come out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

  • The Government will not proceed with Labor’s Bank Deposit Tax. This decision adopts a key recommendation of the Financial System Inquiry and comes after extensive consultations with stakeholders and the community. Labor’s proposed Bank Deposit Tax would have imposed costs of $1.5 billion on Australians with bank savings. It would have damaged competition in the banking sector by putting regional and community banks at a disadvantage relative to the big four banks, further disadvantaging hard working Australians. 

30 August 2015

  • Australia has lost a sporting giant and a racing legend. Few people have dominated a sport like Bart Cummings did. He will be remembered as a truly great trainer, the winner of literally thousands of races. Twelve of those victories were Melbourne Cups and in five of those wins he also trained the runner up, an extraordinary achievement. Race day will not be the same without him. On behalf of all Australians, we extend our sincerest sympathies to Bart’s wife of 61 years, Valmae, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

29 August 2015

  • The Commonwealth Government is investing $4.5 million to help restore the critically endangered woodland of Western Sydney’s Cumberland Plain. This funding is part of our 20 Million Trees programme, which aims to plant 20 million trees by 2020, including one million trees in the Cumberland Conservation Corridor. The Cumberland Plain woodland is unique and rare. There are plants and animals in this region that are not found in any other part of Australia. Funding will flow to three local groups – Greening Australia Ltd, Greater Sydney Local Land Services and Muru Mittigar Ltd – that have the knowledge, passion and commitment necessary to help protect one of Australia’s most threatened bushlands.

27 August 2015

  • As you know, every day this Government's focus is on jobs, growth and community safety. Every day in remote parts of Australia our focus is on getting the kids to school, the adults to work and communities safe. Yesterday, I saw some tremendous work in schools. I will be seeing some more work in Injinoo School in a little while, but today, the focus has been on community jobs. The Community Development Programme which is the replacement programme that this Government has put into operation to ensure that all working-aged adults are at work, preferably for a wage but, if not, for their social security benefits, is in full swing here at Injinoo.

26 August 2015

17 August 2015

  • Parliament will honour Australia’s World Champion netballers with an official reception on Thursday. As the ‘netball dad’ in a family of ‘netball tragics’, I was particularly excited by the Diamonds’ World Cup victory. This was our eleventh Netball World Cup win and, remarkably, the third in a row. I congratulate the Diamonds, magnificently led by Laura Geitz, on their brilliant victory. The team showed exceptional skill, commitment, professionalism and courage – the last quality exemplified by Julie Corletto, who played the final with a broken foot.

16 August 2015

  • The fight against ice and illegal drugs can only be effective when the community and law enforcement agencies work together. Information from members of the public is an essential part in helping police and other agencies bust drug manufacture and distribution. To encourage the community fight against the ice epidemic, the Commonwealth Government will make available $1 million dollars to establish a national ‘Dob in a Dealer’ campaign.

15 August 2015

  • On this day seventy years ago, Japan surrendered unconditionally and our then Prime Minister, Ben Chifley, declared: The war is over. Cities and towns across the country erupted in celebration as people flocked to sing, dance, wave flags and light bonfires. Men, women and children shared the relief and elation of a nation. Today, in awe and in gratitude, we honour a generation that fought for freedom and prevailed.


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