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The Hon Tony Abbott MP


06 July 2015

  • Our country has moved closer to recognising the First Australians in our constitution and ending the great silence about indigenous people in our founding document. There will be more steps in this journey but for the first time in our country’s history, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have sat down with Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders to consider the path ahead. The Leader of the Opposition and I restated our commitment to recognising indigenous people in the constitution and we listened to indigenous leaders’ views and advice. Without bipartisan support, no referendum is likely to succeed.

05 July 2015

  • At the last election I committed to spending a week every year in a remote Indigenous community.   This year I have been jointly invited by the Torres Strait Regional Authority, the Torres Shire Council, Torres Strait Island Regional Council and the Northern Peninsula Regional Council to spend a week with their communities.   It’s very important that our national leaders focus on the whole of our country, including its most remote parts – so for a week in August the centre of government will move to the Torres Strait Islands and Northern Peninsula Area.  

04 July 2015

  • The Commonwealth Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper is an investment in our farmers and our competitive strengths in agriculture. This is a vital part of our plan to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia. A strong agriculture sector contributes to a strong economy—and that means more jobs, more exports, higher incomes and better services to the community. We’re determined to make the sector even more competitive and to deliver practical actions that will keep our farmers and farming families profitable and resilient.

03 July 2015

  • I welcome the announcement from Clarence House that The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will visit Australia in November 2015. This will be their second joint visit to Australia. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess last visited in November 2012 to mark The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Recent visits by Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have further strengthened the relationship between Australia and the United Kingdom.

01 July 2015

  • The Commonwealth Government will invest $274 million to redevelop the fighter base at Williamtown. This upgrade is part of the Government’s $1.2 billion investment in facilities to prepare the base for our new F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters (JSF).  The first F-35A aircraft are due to arrive in Australia in late 2018.  Fifty-eight of the fleet will be based at Williamtown. Today’s announcement will provide new and refurbished office accommodation and commercial facilities.

28 June 2015

  • The Commonwealth Government will invest $57 million to list breakthrough melanoma drug Keytruda® on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. This will improve quality of life for 1,100 Australian patients and make the $150,000 per year treatment affordable. The listing follows passage of the Government’s PBS reform package through the Senate last week and delivers on our promise to list new medicines as quickly as possible. It complements $1.3 billion from the 2015/16 Budget for other melanoma medicines as well as drugs to treat breast cancer, blindness and shingles.

27 June 2015

  • I will travel to Singapore for meetings with President Tan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to progress Australia’s economic, defence and security links. In its 50 years as a nation, Singapore has become a dynamic economic and security partner for Australia. It is Australia’s sixth largest source of foreign direct investment and our fifth largest trading partner with total trade of $30 billion.

  • The Government condemns the brutal attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. The thoughts of all Australians are with the families of the victims who lost their lives and the others injured in these barbaric acts of terror. At this stage, we have no information that any Australians have been killed or injured. Australia stands in solidarity with all those affected by these atrocities.

23 June 2015

  • The Government will strip Australian citizenship from dual nationals who engage in terrorism.  Legislation will be introduced into Parliament tomorrow. We want to ensure terrorists who are dual nationals are prevented from returning to Australia and dual nationals who engage in terrorism within Australia can be removed, where possible. This Government’s highest priority is to keep the community safe.

22 June 2015

  • A National Memorial Service in Canberra will take place on Friday 17 July 2015, the first anniversary of the downing of Flight MH17. The Service will honour those who lost their lives in this atrocity, and thank those who were involved in the recovery and investigation process. It will be a time to show support to those still grieving. All Australians mourned the loss of Flight MH17. There were 298 innocent people on this aircraft and their deaths outraged our sense of justice. One year on, we will remember all those who died – especially the men, women, and children who called Australia home.


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