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02 November 2015

30 October 2015

  • As we have walked through town in Launceston some of the stories that we have been getting highlight the fact that the economic tide is rising for Tasmania.

  • Tasmania is taking advantage of the great opportunities in the global economy. Tasmanians are exporting into Asia more than ever. This is, you know, this is a great time to be Tasmanian and you should be more upbeat.

29 October 2015

  • I won’t recap what we said, but this is a great day, a very important day in the history of the Antarctic Division revealing the design of the new icebreaker, the successor to Aurora Australis. So Greg, Nick and I are here and we are delighted to take questions.

  • Australia, as you know, has had a very long association with Antarctic exploration and research. It was over a century ago, in fact in 1912 when Douglas Mawson planted the Australian flag for the first time on the shores of Commonwealth Bay.

  • The Australian Government has today provided the first look at Australia’s new icebreaker, showcasing a modern, sophisticated ship that will offer scientists unprecedented and extended access to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

  • The China Australia Free Trade Agreement is going to be good for all of Australia but it is going to be especially good for Tasmania.

28 October 2015


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