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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


25 November 2015

  • We have to stand up against and eliminate violence against women and children and men have to take the lead. That is why we were there this morning at the breakfast with General Ken Gillespie, standing up, committing ourselves to stop violence against women and children.

  • Thank you for the commitment of the men and women who work in the building and in the surrounds to this absolutely critical national cause.

  • Violence against women is one of the great shames of our nation. We need to break this cycle, and that starts with understanding where the problem begins.

24 November 2015

  • Today I am announcing three changes in Commonwealth Departmental Secretaries.

  • When innocent people are dying at the hands of violent extremists, no matter where in the world this is happening, hard questions are asked of societies like our own -- hard questions for which there are no easy answers.

  • Thank you very much Laurie, Neil, Bill and Christian Porter, standing in for Michaelia Cash. And can I just say that Michaelia Cash’s leadership on this issue has been outstanding. And it is wonderful to see so many of my other colleagues here, and of course, representatives of the media as well.

23 November 2015

  • Mr Speaker that is why, when I spoke with both President Francoise Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, I conveyed not just the heartfelt sympathy but the unwavering solidarity of all Australian people with the people of France. We are, though, Mr Speaker, forever reminded that terrorism is not only a problem for the West.

22 November 2015

  • I’m delighted to be in Malaysia and I want to join Prime Minister Najib in announcing our strategic partnership between Australia and Malaysia. And, as you said Prime Minister, this does take our relationship to an even higher level – a very strong relationship that is built on people to people ties, on trade, on education, on defence.

  • The focus of these discussions in the course of yesterday and today has been very much directed at the issue of countering violent extremism. The attacks in Paris and Bamako in very recent days of course have focused attention on that. As you know, we’ve been working for some time with our partners in the region – including our host Malaysia – on countering violent extremism and sending out what the Prime Minister of Malaysia would call counter messaging. 

20 November 2015


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