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28 April 2015

  • We have agreed to deepen the security aspects of our bilateral relationship, including our counter-terrorism cooperation and our shared efforts to deal with the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters. We recognise the challenges we both face on national security, as demonstrated by the terrorist attacks in Sydney in December 2014 and in Paris in January 2015. We acknowledge that ISIL, or Daesh, poses a significant threat to global security and to both our countries. We reaffirm our commitment to working with our international coalition partners to disrupt, degrade and ultimately destroy it.

26 April 2015

  • Australians can now see a first glimpse of the Sir John Monash Centre and what to expect when its doors are opened ahead of Anzac Day 2018. The winning design for the Western Front interpretive centre was unveiled today at the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux in France at a ceremony where the Mayor of Villers-Bretonneux was also honoured.

22 April 2015

21 April 2015

  • Today I will travel to Turkey for the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli. I will be joined in Turkey by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key – a testament to the enduring bond between our two countries. Prime Minister Key and I will join the Turkish commemorations of the Gallipoli campaign. On Anzac Day in Gallipoli, we will remember the sacrifice of the men who fought and died there.

19 April 2015

  • On Monday, I will attend the dedication of the Australian Memorial in the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington. The memorial commemorates the many conflicts in which Australian and New Zealand troops have jointly served. It is testament to the bond forged between our nations across more than a century, as well as to our shared strategic interests and common values and heritage.

  • This week marks the centenary of the Australian landing at Anzac Cove. On that day, some 750 were killed. Nearly 9,000 would lose their lives at Gallipoli before the evacuation eight months later.  Over 61,000 would lose their lives during the Great War. Our forebears faced terrible trials, but the worst of times brought out the very best in them. Their perseverance, selflessness, courage and compassion came to define us as a nation.

18 April 2015

  • Sir Iain Lobban KCMG CB will join the independent panel of experts that is advising the Government on our review of Australia’s cyber security.   As the former Director of the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters, Sir Iain’s experience will be extremely valuable to the Review as we shape Australia’s strategy to better protect Australia’s networks from cyber attack.   Australia faces real and growing cyber threats.   By 2017, more than nine out of ten Australians will be routinely online and Australian businesses and consumers benefit from the opportunities that an interconnected world delivers.

15 April 2015

  • The Commonwealth Government is dismayed by Victoria's decision not to proceed with building the East West Link. The unprecedented announcement that the Victorian Government would rather pay hundreds of millions to a consortium than build the East West Link is a massive set back to Victoria. The Victorian Government’s decision to abrogate contractual responsibilities sets a dangerous precedent for future projects and threatens further investment in much-needed infrastructure in our country. They have damaged investor confidence in major infrastructure projects. Australia can’t afford to discourage private investment in infrastructure because government alone cannot afford to build the infrastructure that our country needs.

14 April 2015

  • The Government has confirmed that Australia will commit a military force to the international Building Partner Capacity (BPC) training mission in Iraq. The force will involve about 300 ADF personnel, drawn largely from the Army’s 7th Brigade, based in Brisbane. They will work as part of a combined Task Group alongside about 100 personnel from the New Zealand Defence Force. The mission of the Australian and New Zealand trainers will be to help the Iraqi Government to prepare sufficient forces to maintain the momentum of the counter-attack against ISIL, or Daesh, and regain control of its territory.

13 April 2015

  • The Commonwealth Science Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, met for the second time today in Canberra. The meeting was also attended by the Minister for Industry and Science, the Minister for Health, the Minister for Education, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry and Science. Science is at the centre of Australian industry and science and technology are central elements to improving our productivity and competitiveness. The Commonwealth Science Council is an important source of advice to the Government in this respect.


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