Australian Government coat of arms

Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Remarks to Cabinet meeting

29 February 2016

Parliament House, Canberra

Prime Minister



The challenge for us this year is to ensure that we lead Australia in a way that delivers a successful transition from an economy that has been buoyed by a mining construction boom to the new economy.

That transition is the big challenge and the big opportunity for us and so in this election year we know that the choice will be who is best able to lead Australia through that transition, who is best able to deliver the innovation, the investment, the infrastructure, the jobs that are going to ensure that our children and our grandchildren have the great, high-paying jobs of the 21st century.

That they can truly seize the opportunities of this the most exciting time in human history.

So that’s the choice and that’s the choice we’re putting to the Australian people later in the year at the election.

As we work today, as we work every day here as Ministers in the Cabinet, our focus is always on that transition, ensuring that we successfully, successfully, enjoy the opportunities of the new economy of the 21st century.