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Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Doorstop following Jane McGrath High Tea at the Commonwealth Bank Pink Test

05 January 2016

SCG, Sydney

Prime Minister

PRIME MINISTER: Well the rain has not just interrupted play, it prevented play, but it hasn’t prevented the real inspiration and leadership that Glenn McGrath and his family show leading this foundation, nor has it interrupted the generosity of Australians everywhere supporting the work of the foundation which of course underwrites the work of the breast care nurses. So Lucy and I have been really pleased to be here today to support the McGrath Foundation. It gets a lot of support from governments, as you know, from the Federal Government and of course from the State Government as well. But the most important part of the support is the support it gets from thousands of Australians. We saw the inspirational example of Hugh Bateman and his pink tractor, it's raised nearly $380,000 going at 27km/h I think he said around New South Wales. This is a very, very inspiring effort from the McGrath Foundation so I really encourage everybody to support the McGrath Foundation, the work they do is so important at saving lives.

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister will you start investigation in to who leaked the photograph of the woman who made a complaint about Jamie Briggs to the media and will you further reprimand Mr Briggs for sharing that photo?

PRIME MINISTER: Look, right from the outset I’ve sought to ensure that the identity of the young public servant who made the complaint has been protected. That’s been my primary concern. The sharing of that photograph was very unfortunate. It was not the right thing to do, clearly I think everyone recognises that, including Mr Briggs. But an inquiry, these leaks inquiries they tend to come up with very little. I think we know the photograph was taken on Mr Briggs’ phone and he shared it. He shouldn’t have done it, quite clear.

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister you accepted without equivocation the resignation of Mr Briggs, in terms of his thoughts on whether he was fit to be a Minister, are you concerned that other ministers, other frontbenchers, have been sympathetic and that sympathy manifested in the message from Mr Dutton?

PRIME MINISTER: Well look, I think that - the facts are clear. Mr Briggs acknowledged that his conduct was inappropriate, and he resigned. That is, that's a heavy price to pay, but it shows a very simple fact that the Government takes ministerial standards very seriously, and...

JOURNALIST: Should Mr Dutton have respected that and is his position in the reshuffle in jeopardy now going into the next parliamentary session?

PRIME MINISTER: I think everybody understands that leadership requires us to lead by example. The ministerial standards are very important. Australians expect their politicians, their leaders, to live up to those standards.In this case, the matter was looked at very carefully, in accordance with the procedures. It was done very carefully. It was done thoughtfully and deliberately, it's a serious matter. And Mr Briggs came to the conclusion that his conduct had been inappropriate, and he resigned, and he was right to do so.

So thank you all very much and don't forget support the McGrath Foundation, that's what we are here about today. It may be raining, but don't let that dampen your enthusiasm of pulling out a few dollars and supporting the McGrath Foundation, thanks very much.